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GlitchMachines Fracture XT review

GlitchMachines Fracture XT

A cost effective multi-effect plugin with a multitude of options

We check out a load of features from this multi-effect vst plugin in our GlitchMachines Fracture XT review.

GlitchMachines Fracture XT review brief

Fracture XT is a multi-effect VST plugin which we have had a good play about with using Bitwig Studio (what else right?!) So I have a fairly simple setup – Windows 10 machine, Bitwig DAW and a pair of headphones. A typical on the road studio setup.

Anything that sucks up too much power and resource doesn’t cope well (I’m looking at you U=He Diva), but most things work well with this rig and that’s what the testing is done on.

Installation of Fracture XT

As this was new to me in order to be able to do a GlitchMachines Fracture XT review then I would need to get the plugin installed. As it was though, the install process was really simple. The download comes from the Plugin Boutique portal (or wherever you buy the product from).

Then it is a typical next next install with options of a 32 bit or 64 bit VST install (or both). As with all my plugins, I opted for the 64 bit version. Now we are ready to roll.

Initial thoughts

For a plugin that costs less than a packet of cigarettes, I wasn’t holding out too much hope on the state graphical interface. I was expected poor quality and because of this I was pleasantly surprised when I loaded the screen to see some nice simple graphics, but seemingly good quality none the less.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Granular, Buffer & Delay FX
  • Patchable Modulation Matrix
  • 4 Flexible LFOs with Sync
  • 6 Randomizers and more than 100+ preset choices
  • Scalable User Interface
  • Win/Mac  VST/AU  32/64bit compatible

Take it for a spin

I’ve got my midi track armed. My trusty test tracks loaded and we are ready to go. To test drive for this Glitchmachines Fracture XT review I am using a simple polysynth plugin (the standard one in Bitwig Studio).

I pick this as when testing what sounds can come from an effects plugin, the best way is to use an original source that you know the sound of.

Then I hit the button and load the plugin on the end of the signal chain and start to fiddle about with the settings.

glitchmachines fracture xt review settings
Lots to choose from and play with

So what became apparent really quickly when just having a twiddle of the knobs was the Delay feature. This sits in the middle of the Buffer and Grain.

I didn’t clock it straight away but the reason for this is so you can set one or the other, or even morph between the two. This produced some great effects just by tweaking some Cutoff values and cranking up the Amp knob.

All this fun and we’re only on the top row! The second half of the multi-effect plugin is all to do with the patchbay. Now if like me you have experimented (but don’t necessarily understand patch bays) then there is no harm in doing a bit of guess work.

If all that sounds too complicated then you can resort to the multitude of preset patches which are available in the list at the bottom of the screen. Lots to choose from to give you numerous different effects.

glitchmachines fracture XT review presets page

I hope this Glitchmachines Fracture XT review has been of some use to you and might sway to be tempted to buy it. I’d be quite confident in saying it is not going to be a risky purchase due to it’s bargain price. Therefore for that reason this is why we have given it a 5 star review.

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