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37 Notable Content Ideas For Musicians In the Digital Age

In this section, you’ll learn why it’s so important to create valuable content to grow your brand.

Keep in mind that not all content is created equal when it comes to helping you build your fanbase. 

With the endless number of online platforms out there, it can be challenging to know which kinds of content will help you reach both your short and long-term goals. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of content ideas that will help you engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Below is a comprehensive list of 37 Notable Content Ideas For Musicians In the Digital Age that you can use to grow your brand.

37 Notable Content Ideas For Musicians In the Digital Age


Leveraging Social Media

1 – Post selfies showing off your look and style

In earlier sections, we covered the importance of aesthetics. Social media is a great way to show off the style and personality you work so hard to cultivate.

2 – Create simple graphics using tools like Canva to spruce up your feed

You don’t need to be a graphic design whiz. Use tools like Canva (which you can use for free) or the plethora of other design tools out there to create cohesive and professional content for your platforms.

3 – Post themed posts

Take advantage of things people are already interested in and looking for on social media. This could be with hashtags like #SundayFunday or #MusicMonday, or it could be through posting seasonal content. One example is getting outside in #PumpkinSpiceSeason to do a fall photo shoot for a new release. Just make sure the concept works and fits with your overall branding.

4 – Post pictures or videos of past performances

Fans will love reliving some of your most memorable performances with you. Always keep this on hand as they are a great way of showing how far you have come.

5 – Share quotes that inspire you

This is a great way to share your personality and showcase what inspires you to push through each day. This could be a quote from someone you admire, or even just a quote of your own thoughts that you think will resonate with your fans.

6 – Share a wild, hilarious, disgusting, or otherwise memorable story from a show

At the Kit Kat Club concert back in 1983, the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed completely naked with just a sock on their private parts. This became a trademark of their shows for years because the audience loved the scandal. What stories from your music career make you laugh?

7 – Make it a Series

Create several pieces of content on something you feel strongly about and brand it as a series. This will help keep people hooked and provide more value and insight into topics you want to share.

8 – Try making a TikTok video

Tons of musicians have struck gold on the app. In Toronto, 16-year-old Vivian Hicks watched her follower count grow to 1 million when she began posting raw videos of herself singing without any filters or autotune.

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Getting more content from your music

9 – Share unique ways to enjoy your song

Maybe you have a unique dance that goes with your song. Or perhaps you made the song with the intention of it being played during a hard workout. Create content that explains this to your fans or shows you doing the act it yourself.

10 – Post pictures and videos of studio sessions

This kind of content is excellent for previewing work-in-progress material.

Post pictures and videos of studio sessions

11 – Post 60-30 second video previews

These can be snippets of upcoming releases, uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, or Instagram.

Ask for fans’ feedback and let the preview’s novelty drive engagement on your platforms.

12 – Pre-release a song on a platform like Twitch with a live Q&A

Bands like Halocene from Phoenix, Arizona, have had great success releasing exclusive content on the streaming platform popular amongst gamers. As a musician, you can also use Twitch for band rehearsals, practice sessions, or mixing and scratching practice if you’re a DJ.

13 – Share jams and improv sessions with other artists

If you’re jamming, it’s a great idea to film it and share it with fans. Twitch would also make an excellent platform for this kind of content.

14 – Take requests and do covers

You can create engagement by performing covers of songs people already enjoy and love. You can increase engagement as well by asking your audience for requests.

15 – Share backstories to your songs

Music lovers adore music, backstories! You probably didn’t know that “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson is about the cycle families go through. 

As she states in an interview, “for instance, you act how your parents acted towards you, and then your kids act how you acted towards them, and it’s all about breaking that cycle if it was a bad one.” The hit single was inspired by her own parents’ divorce when she was six years old.

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Getting to know you

16 – Livestream a show from a cool spot that helps you feel at home

Pick a nice spot in your home and go live with your fans for a show.

17 – Pick a nifty venue for your shows and broadcast it live

Think about your fans in other cities who can’t see you perform or can’t afford to. You can make them feel a part of the experience while enjoying the show from the comfort of their home.

18 – “Caption This”

Play this game to help drive engagement on your social media; post a funny blooper photo of yourself from a show or video, and get your followers to come up with a caption.

19 – Post behind the scenes content

American singer Francesca Battistelli once said: “Things aren’t always what they seem. You’re only seeing part of me. There’s more than you could ever know behind the scenes.” Show your fans a little more of yourself. Although it can be scary, this will help your fans feel like they are there with you and make them more emotionally invested in your success!

20 – Share “A Day In The Life” In your Instagram or Snapchat stories

Take your fans with you as you make eggs in the morning, tune your instrument, etc. The internet loves this stuff!

21 – Post marketing and production tips that have been helpful for you

This is another excellent way to pay it forward. If you’re successful as a musician, chances are you’ve learned a lot from others. This is a great opportunity to help others and drive engagement to your brand.

22 – Fact or Myth?

Did you ever play this game at sleepovers? Try it as a musician online: post a series of real and fake fun facts about yourself and get fans to guess which is which.

23 – Supporting a Cause

Long before you reach peak fame and success, it’s a great idea to publicly support a cause that means a great deal to you personally. This kind of genuine action to help will be great for the world and growing your fanbase of people who care.

Asking your fans

24 – Host a Q&A about a niche topic so fans can ask burning questions

Doing a Q&A about you playing guitar, for example, gives you a chance to talk about something you’re passionate about while connecting with equally-passionate fans.

25 – Ask fans questions like which releases they enjoyed the most and why

Social media provides an excellent opportunity for fans to be our focus group. You can get direct feedback from fans by creating a simple social-friendly survey–do it! Perhaps you will hear ideas you never thought of through merely asking a question.

26 – Host an opinion poll

Ask specific questions about what fans liked/disliked

27 – Ask your fans to create artwork and give them a chance to have it featured

Your fans aren’t just fans; they’re also a group of creative individuals, and they may be able to help–with proper credit, of course. For example, if you plan to release a new album, put a call out to your fans to design the cover. You may end up with some fantastic art to accompany your music.

Ask your fans to create artwork and give them a chance to have it featured

28 – Post reposts from fans

Once again, we find ourselves saying: Pay that love back! When your fans tell their networks how much they love you, make a point of shouting them out.

29 – Have your fans help you finish a song

Whether you’re stumped on that last verse or not, you can post a few lines of a new song you’re working on and have your fans help you come up with the next few lines.

30 – Thank your fans!

The simple act of showing your appreciation can do great things for your credibility. Try it, and see where it goes. Has saying thank you ever made a situation worse?

31 – Show love to local artists

You should regularly share releases by other artists that inspire you to help build a supportive network of ambitious musicians.

Email Still Exists!

32 – Send a monthly newsletter using tools such as Mailchimp

Get right into people’s inboxes to let them know what you’re up to and drive them to your platforms. Your newsletter could include a photo of you, video highlights, upcoming events, or–as the name implies–news about your career.

33 – Share important or outrageous music industry news with those who want to know

This could be a great thing to do as it can give your audience insight into some of the challenges you may be facing growing your career. Sometimes your audience wants to help you but just doesn’t know how to. If you reveal to them how certain things work or recent shifts that affect you, you can instruct your fans on how they can help.

34 – Reach out to a music journalist, blogger, or publication who might want to cover your story

This could be a local newspaper with a music section or a music-specific publication for your genre. Often, artists don’t realize that if you want coverage, you may have to go out and seek it.

Products & Merch

35 – Get design input

Don’t assume what people want when it comes to your merch. It’s wise to ask fans what they like as this increases the chances of them buying your merch.

36 – Work with a local designer for your merch

This tip returns to fostering a supportive network of creators around you. Reach out to your network and have them refer you to a reliable designer. A fan will feel a lot more connected to you and the project, knowing that they helped make it happen with their suggestion.

37 – Host a flash sale

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Pick a weekend to host a sale. It’s smart to do this for selling out and restocking purposes prior to releasing something new.

What to avoid

As an emerging musician, you’ll also want to avoid a few things when creating quality content. Some common mistakes include:

  • Posting too much sponsored content or always asking your audience to do something for you without reciprocating
  • Sharing too much personal information
  • Refusing to leave your comfort zone and test out new things
  • Forgetting to ask for feedback
  • Assuming you know what your audience wants
  • Not engaging with the people who comment, like, and share your content

Final Thoughts On Our Notable Content Ideas For Musicians In the Digital Age

We hope this gave you a comprehensive look at the different kinds of content you can create and share with your fanbase. There are many ways that you can adjust these ideas to better suit your branding and current situation as an artist.

No matter how you choose to implement these suggestions, always keep your audience in mind. Focus on identifying what generates engagement and sparks conversations when it comes to the content you create. This will help you to grow your brand and keep your audience coming back for more.

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