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The Ultimate Chord Machine – Chordjam Review

Audiomodern Chordjam

We take a look at the new chord generator plugin by Audiomodern. This will help you generate chords and sequences - no more writers block!

We take a look at the new chord generator plugin and inspiration making sequencer by Audiomodern.

Chordjam Review

Every once in a while we get a plugin that offers so much inspiration, it feels like it’s cheating with music production. Dare I say it but I think this might be one of them.

However, I think it may have it’s haters suggesting it is taking the skill out of creativity and artificial intelligence is taking over. I am not one of them though. I love this plugin!

Why do I love it so much? Because it helps me when I have writers block. Just a few little tweaks in the window and I have a basis for a new idea.

Introduction to Chordjam

Chordjam features two main sections, the Chord section at the top and the Sequencer section at the bottom of the plugin.

These two features are independent of each in relation to configuration, but both parts are used when it comes to output. The Chord section determines what is played and the Sequencer section decides how it is played.

Thinking of it like that will make it so much easier to pick up. 

The other point I should mention is that this is a note generator (or signal generator). So it will adjust midi input signal. It doesn’t generate the sound, but just the note being played. With that in mind, it is key to remember to put it at the front of your track chain. It needs to influence the signal going into the instrument.

image 4
Chordjam belongs at the front of the signal chain
chordjam review main screen

Sequencer Window

The sequencer window lets you create patters or generate preset styles to play in your DAW or drop in via midi.

Chord Builder

Lets you create chords or pick from a number of presets with various scales and inversions.

Midi Drag Utility

These buttons let you drag the chord or drag the sequence in to your DAW window, allowing you to make adjustments with your creations.

It’s a work of ARP

One of the hot features I want to share with you in my Chordjam review is the Arpeggiator function. Switching this feature on plays notes in arpeggiator mode. Again, grab the pattern and move it in to your DAW. Then you have a multitude of notes playing in complex (or simple if you so wish) patterns.

The arpeggiator can break down into small steps, octets, dotted patterns. All the features that are in the Bitwig Studio native arpeggiator, but with some extra preset patterns to give it that edge.

Top Features

In our Chordjam review we noticed it offers some truly unique features for the price point:

  • Generate Random Chords
  • Trigger New Chords with Every Note Played
  • Unique Voicing Parameters
  • Intelligent Sequencer Engine
  • Arp Mode
  • Chord Progression & Pattern Presets
  • Generate Infinite Chord Patterns & Progressions
  • Everything is Synced to your Host tempo
  • Drag MIDI Chord
  • Drag MIDI pattern
  • Pads Section for Musical Performance
  • Quick Load preset Section
  • Choose Quantization settings
  • Shuffle & Shift Mode
  • Advanced Infinity Mode
  • Set Sequence range & Motion Settings
  • Set Range for Transposition, Time-Delay and Velocity
  • Save & Load your own patterns
  • Send MIDI to any Device, Software & Hardware
  • Advanced MIDI CC/Mapping editor
  • No Two Chords will Ever Be the Same
  • Delivering limitless inspiration and musical variety

With all these points in mind, this makes Chordjam a must have top value for money audio plugin deal. 

The feature I like the most is being able to experiment with the presets depending upon style and genre. Switching around variations of chords and their inversions, then dragging this midi pattern around into the DAW to work on independently gives so much inspiration. 

The guys at Audiomodern have created a truly mind blowing plugin giving endless possibilities. That is why this gets full marks in our Chordjam review.

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