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Taylor Swift Fans Angry at Ticketmaster: The Eras Tour Ticket Fiasco

Taylor Swift fans eagerly waited for an opportunity to attend her Eras Tour, which is common for an artist of her stature.
So why are Taylor Swift fans angry at Ticketmaster?

Well, imagine being one of those fans and struggling to buy tickets despite multiple attempts.

Hundreds of fans have joined a lawsuit against Ticketmaster alleging fraud, misrepresentation, and anti-trust violations.

Senator Amy Klobuchar supports the fans’ case and believes that Live Nation Entertainment, Ticketmaster’s parent company, constitutes a monopoly, controlling 70% of the concert ticket market.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the Taylor Swift ticketing debacle, the allegations against Ticketmaster, and the monopoly power of Live Nation Entertainment in the concert industry.

From senators to independent event producers and consumer advocates, there’s a growing call for action against monopolies that limit consumer choice and protect corporations’ profits.

So, buckle up and read on to learn more about the Eras Tour ticket fiasco.

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Ticketmaster lawsuit over Taylor Swift tickets

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Ticketmaster is facing a lawsuit from fans of Taylor Swift who were unable to purchase tickets for her Eras Tour. The fans, led by a Dallas personal injury attorney, allege fraud, misrepresentation, and anti-trust violations. 

More than 300 fans have presently joined in on the lawsuit. The fans claim that Ticketmaster purposely manipulated the sale of tto increase its profits. U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar supports the fans’ case, stating that Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation Entertainment, constitute a monopoly, controlling 70% of the concert ticket market. Klobuchar believes that Live Nation Entertainment needs to be broken up.

Live Nation Entertainment’s president and CFO Joe Berchtold blamed the issue on a BOT attack that led to a terrible consumer experience. Senators have criticized Live Nation for the fees that are added to ticket prices and for failing to reduce them. 

Singer-songwriter Clyde Lawrence argued that venues have no control over these fees. The Justice Department had previously insisted on a consent decree when Live Nation and Ticketmaster first proposed to merge. The decree forbids the company from engaging in anti-competitive conduct. Senator Klobuchar claims that Live Nation has violated the decree repeatedly.

Taylor Swift fans unable to purchase concert tickets,
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Fans and others find ways to fight back

Taylor Swift fans recently staged a protest against Ticketmaster and Live Nation Entertainment in Washington, D.C. Klobuchar stated that artists and fans face real issues with Live Nation, whether it’s Bruce Springsteen, BTS, or Bad Bunny. 

She argued that Ticketmaster and Live Nation’s monopoly limits consumers’ options. This case highlights the need for action against monopolies that limit consumer choice and protect corporations’ profits. The hundreds of fans who missed out on the Taylor Swift concert have a right to take Ticketmaster to court to address their grievances.

Taylor Swift has criticized Ticketmaster’s handling of tickets for her “Eras” tour, with a sale cancellation due to unprecedented demand after pre-sale site complications and glitches. Swift commented on the situation on her Instagram, expressing her protectiveness of her fans, and her difficulty trusting an outside entity with their loyalty. 

She suggested that Ticketmaster bore the blame and was investigating how the situation could improve for the future. Swift promised that she hoped to offer more opportunities in the future for those who were unable to get tickets to the tour.

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Live Nation and Ticketmaster Try to defend their position

Joe Berchtold, president and CFO of Live Nation, which owns Ticketmaster, appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to defend the company publicly. He argued that the live concert industry is more competitive than it was a decade ago when the merger occurred, with no control over capacity or pricing. The Taylor Swift meltdown was attributed to overwhelming demand, with three times the usual amount of bot traffic on the site during the sale. 

But anti-monopoly scholars and consumer advocates pointed out Ticketmaster has a hand in every part of the process as they play a role as ticket seller, owner or operator of event venues, and promoter for events. They testified that Live Nation’s reach allows it to exert pressure on performers and lock them into subpar deals, with exclusive ticketing contracts with an overwhelming majority of sports venues

SeatGeek CEO Jack Groetzinger testified that major venues in the US know that they risk losing substantial revenue earned from Live Nation concerts if they move their primary ticketing business from Ticketmaster to a competitor. 

He noted that Live Nation has told venues so, directly and indirectly, through its public pronouncements, private communications, and subsequent retaliation against venues that have defied Ticketmaster. 

Berchtold argued that Live Nation owns only a small portion of the 4,000+ event venues in the US, around 5%. However, critics point out that the company’s portfolio includes the largest and most profitable venues.

Jerry Mickelson, head of independent event producer Jam Productions, testified that Ticketmaster held exclusive ticketing contracts with 87% of NBA and NHL arenas and 97% of NFL stadiums. 

He argued that the merger is vertical integration on steroids, using dominance in one market to decrease competition in another. Mickelson said that Jam, which has produced nearly 1,500 live events in 40 years, produced only one since 2015, with Live Nation succeeding in driving independent promoters out of that sector. 

Independent music group Lawrence, whose song “False Alarms” mentions Live Nation’s monopoly power, used an example to illustrate the company’s power. The group explained that musicians only earned $6 from $42 concert tickets, with Live Nation taking most of the profits.

So Why Are taylor swift Fans angry at ticketmaster – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Taylor Swift fans’ inability to purchase tickets for her Eras Tour highlights the need for action against monopolies that limit consumer choice and protect corporations’ profits.

While Live Nation and Ticketmaster deny any wrongdoing, anti-monopoly scholars and consumer advocates have pointed out their roles as dominant players in the industry, with exclusive contracts and significant control over event booking and promotion.

The power dynamic of the ticketing industry affects the public’s ability to attend events, and further investigations and action may follow the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing.

As Swift promises to offer more opportunities for fans to attend her concerts, it remains to be seen how the industry will address these issues and ensure fair access to live events for all.

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