The Orchestra Complete 2 – Is it worth it?

orchestra complete 2

For any composer aiming to have a career in writing music for film, tv, or games, having high-quality orchestral samples is an absolute must. Of course, that can quickly get expensive, especially when buying separate libraries for each instrument family, which is why all-in-one orchestral libraries can be a more attractive choice, especially for newer … Read more

The 12 Best Mastering Compressor Plugins For Music Production (& 5 Free Picks)

best mastering compressors

In the mastering stage, you’ll often need a compressor to either adjust the dynamic range of the piece, add subtle saturation to mold the frequency spectrum in a certain way, or straight-up improve the level of perceived loudness. In this article, we’ll focus on this side of the mastering process and go through several compressor … Read more