gullfloss vs soothe

Is Gullfloss The Same As Soothe? (Detailed Explanation Included)

Gullfoss and Soothe 2 are quite different effects. Gullfoss tames, brightens, or restores frequencies across your spectrum. While, Soothe 2 is designed specifically for resonance suppression, and removing unwanted, nasty-sounding frequencies from your audio. In a time, where “betterizer” plugins are becoming more and more popular, it can start to be increasingly difficult, to tell

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Will Ableton Have A Black Friday Sale (2021)

Ableton partake in the Black Friday sales every year. You’ll need to be signed up to their mailing list and on the look-out for promotional codes sent to you. The sale is usually 25% off and will come around the 25th – 27th of November. In the run up to the Black Friday Plugin deals

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compare melodyne versions

Melodyne 5 Version Comparison [Easy Searchable Table Inside]

To put it simply here are the basic differences between Melodyne versions: Essential – basic time & pitch Assistant – includes audio to MIDI, tempo detection & more in depth pitch control. Editor – introduces Polyphonic Direct Note Access, which allows you edit things like piano pieces. Studio – Polyphony, Quantization, Tempo, Advanced pitching tools & more. What

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Sonarworks Sound ID Reference Review

Cons ❌ If you don’t have a set profile for your speakers, switching between monitors and headphones can be annoying Pros ✅ Speaker and headphone calibration ✅ Over 280 pre-trained headphone models ✅ Clean and Re-sizeable GUI ✅ Custom Target EQ ✅ Referencing Sound Profiles ✅ Zero-Latency, Linear Phase and Mixed modes ✅ Standalone app,

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will omnisphere have a black friday sale
Plugin Deals

Will Spectrasonics & Omnisphere Have A Black Friday Sale? (2021)

Omnisphere doesn’t go on sale over the Black Friday plugin deals period. There are no deals for the Spectrasonics range. You might find companies like Gear4Music, Thomann, Reverb or Sweetwater offering deals between 15-20% off usual price. In the run up to the Black Friday plugin deals, we’ve been answering all your burning questions and

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is sausage fattener a good plugin

Is Sausage Fattener A Good Plugin? (Answer Inside)

Sausage Fattener is a great saturation plugin and excels at both subtle and more extreme saturation, working like a musical compressor, similar to the LA-2a, when added subtly. Pushing it, will drop you into a world of crazy distortion, perfect for crushing single audio tracks, or instrument buses. Dada Life’s Sausage Fattener is as much,

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will fl studio have a black friday sale
Plugin Deals

Will FL Studio Have A Black Friday Sale? (2021)

FL Studio has had a sale most years, during the Black Friday plugin deals period. It’s typically up to 50% off, and the sale usually starts around the 22nd of November. Image Line don’t pre-announce their sales, so keep an eye out around the period! So the Black Friday plugin deals are coming up fast,

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oeksound soothe 2 review

Oeksound Soothe 2 Review – An Essential Mixing Tool

Cons ❌ iLok authenticated. Pros ✅ Cleans up audio, quickly without introducing artefacts ✅ Great for taming those frequencies that hurt the ears ✅ Fantastic stereo section for use in mid only, or sides only ✅ Ability to solo specific bands and switch the listening mode to hear what you’re taking away ✅ Beautiful UI,

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