5 Tips For Sustaining Creative Momentum In Music

Last updated June 27, 2023

There have never been more tools available to help independent musicians to carve their own path to success. 

That said, artists, producers, engineers, and performers are prone to overwhelm, especially when managing multiple aspects of their own careers. 

So How do you Sustain Creative Momentum In Music?

Burnout is a real risk for ambitious creators, so here are some tips to help sustain creativity and maintain wellbeing in a demanding yet rewarding profession.

Creative Momentum In Music

Set Achievable Goals

While looking at the “big picture” is essential when you’re formulating a vision of success, setting discrete, realistic goals will help you stay present day-to-day. 

Your ultimate goal may be to perform on a big festival stage, produce an album for a chart-topping recording artist, or engineer a gold record, but you’ll first need to play smaller stages, produce records for emerging artists, and hone your technical skills on smaller projects in the studio. 

Setting goals like, “I want to release 4 singles by the end of the year,” “I want to reach 50,000 social followers,” or “I want to get my song signed to a label” make the stepping stones easier to visualize and scale over time.

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Schedule Time Off

Musicians are especially vulnerable to the allure of “hustle culture,” which promotes hard work and discipline, often at the expense of health. 

To avoid creative burnout, schedule both small breaks and regular days off from your music and away from your studio to engage in activities unrelated to music. 

Not only is this necessary for mental health, but you’ll come back to your projects with a refreshed perspective, better decision-making abilities, and perhaps new inspiration. 

And if you struggle with losing track of time while you’re working, literally add “Time Off” to your calendar.

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Mind Your Health

Sustaining creativity in the long-term requires sustaining your physical and mental health. 

Long studio days, touring, and even managing social media accounts can be exhausting, and you’ll need as much energy as possible to deal with the stressors of a fast-paced and highly pressurized industry. 

Strategies like exercising, eating healthy foods, staying hydrated, meditating, and getting proper rest can seem antithetical to the traditional music industry culture, but sustainability starts with caring properly for the mind and body. 

Access Support Networks

Being independent as an artist doesn’t necessitate being isolated as an individual. Your in-built support network of family, friends, and collaborators, can be a helpful sounding board when dealing with creative or emotional challenges. 

You may even have close fans whose opinions you value about new musical directions that feel risky or uncertain. Voicing these concerns to trusted individuals or communities can help fortify your confidence and resilience as you move forward.

Keep Track of the Achievements

The music industry can be unforgiving and there will inevitably be moments of rejection, underwhelming stats, and creative challenges, but they will pale in comparison to the moments of artistic fulfillment and realized creative vision. 

Keep track of your achievements and high points, and do your best to reflect and learn from mistakes or missteps: this is the key to growth! 

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His goal has always been to give musicians like himself the tools to stand out from the rest, get heard, and achieve success in the music industry.

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