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ScHoolboy Q Gives Updates on His New Album – 2023 Update

Is ScHoolboy Q dropping a new album soon? Fans have been eagerly anticipating new music from the artist, and it seems their wait may soon be over as ScHoolboy Q Gives Updates on His New Album.

Schoolboy Q New Album Updates

The Top Dawg Entertainment rapper has been hinting for a while now that he has something in the works.

Recently, more clues have been revealed to support this fact which has fans excited.

There has been a lot going on with the TDE camp lately but we’re here to delve deeper into the hints Q and others close to him have given us about the new album as well as what he has been up to since the release of Crash Talk.

What Has ScHoolboy Q Said about His New Album So Far?

In April 2019, Schoolboy Q dropped his album “CrasH Talk,” which featured collaborations with Travis Scott, YG, 21 Savage, Kid Cudi, and Lil Baby.

Since then, the artist has not released an album in over two years and fans are eager for more music from one of TDE’s more charismatic artists.

Back in August of 2021, Q took to Twitch to tease four tracks that he suggested are from his upcoming project. He also went out of his way to make it known that the album would be different than expected – stating that the album sounds nothing like his previous albums.

Schoolboy Q New Tracks over twitch tweet

ScHoolboy Q also interacted with fans on Twitter during that time referencing a fully complete album that he was holding onto stating – “I could drop album tomorrow but until y’all want it ima keep it on my pHone.”

Since then, the artist has been making his rounds on the guest features front, appearing on albums for other artists such as Isaiah Rashad, Freddie Gibbs, and The Gorillaz.

Fast forward to April of 2022 and fans were given another glimmer of hope for a new Q album when he made his triumphant return with the single titled “Soccer Dad.” In the song, ScHoolboy Q talks about his current lifestyle, being a father who enjoys watching his daughter grow up, boasting about graduating from the ordinary lifestyle of a rapper, being as happy as can be, and playing golf to treat his depression.

ScHoolboy Q says Golf Changed His Life

Oh yes how could we forget, Q has become a devoted golfer and says the sport has helped change his life. Oddly enough it was a bet with a friend that led to his interest in golf.

After accepting a $10,000 bet that he couldn’t make a birdie in two years, Q became hooked on the game attempting to prove a friend wrong. Within 10 rounds he had made a birdie and says he hasn’t looked back since.

Q’s love of golf also led him to appear in 2 epic commercials alongside legendary golfer Tiger Woods. The first was a Nike commercial and the second was for the video game “PGA Tour 2K23.”

ScHoolboy Q Got Fan hate over Golf

Q’s interest in golf has not always been welcomed by his fans and friends, who think that he should be in the studio instead of playing golf, but he says that he is in the studio eight days a week and that golf is his way of relaxing and inspiring him musically.

While adamant that the sport has helped him through some dark times, he also shares that he came up with half of his album Crash Talk while playing golf and that the game has opened up his mind.

New Single “Soccer Dad” Gives Life To New Album Rumours

ScHoolboy Q’s new single, “Soccer Dad” is the artist’s first single in years, creating excitement for fans in terms of what’s to come. It also proves that just because the artist has been laying low over the past few years, it does not mean he has fallen off or gotten rusty.

The track is a reintroduction of Groovy Q, who reemerges with fire in his belly, hunger in his voice, and a chip on his shoulder to talk his sh*t again. From the looks of things, ScHoolboy Q is still working on his new album, and a release date has yet to be announced.

Ab-soul Gives us our Latest ScHoolboy Q Album Update

However Ab-Soul, recently gave us another update while on the BACKONFIGG podcast that gives hope to the promise of a Q album dropping soon – as he stated:

“And while we on it … He comin… He ain’t just been on the golf course, he ain’t just been golfing… That’s all I gotta say about that.”

The announcement comes at a time when other TDE artists, such as Ab-Soul himself, Isaiah Rashad, SZA, and the recently departed – Kendrick Lamar, have been releasing new music, creating even more anticipation for what ScHoolboy Q has in store for us.

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