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6 Myths About Copyrighting Your Music: Learn The Truth

*This update was provided by our partner, Cosynd, the fastest and most affordable way to protect your copyrights.

Myths about copyrighting your music explained.

The music you create is your asset and that asset needs to be protected! One of the smartest things you could do today, would be to register your works with the U.S. Copyright Office. 

And in doing so, it can pay off in big ways—especially when things go wrong. 

6 Myths About Copyrighting Your Music: Learn The Truth

Myths about copyrighting your music explained

In this post, we’ve teamed with our friends at Cosynd to share some of the harmful myths and the harsh realities around copyright registration that you need to know:

Myth: I don’t need to register, as long as I’ve mailed myself a copy of my work

Reality: Mailing yourself a copy of your work is now a useless, obsolete practice. It does not grant you any rights or prove your ownership.

Myth: Registration is not required to file a lawsuit

Reality: In 2019, The Supreme Court mandated that you MUST register with the U.S. Copyright Office before you can file an infringement lawsuit. The Copyright Office must approve or refuse your application before you can file a lawsuit for copyright infringement, except in cases involving a non-U.S. work.

Myth: It doesn’t matter when I register. I can wait until my content is infringed upon

Reality: Creators that have registered are entitled to statutory damages of $150,000 per willful infringement and attorney’s fees as long as the infringement began after the date of registration. In other words, if you wait to register, you’re leaving serious money on the table.

Myth: You can list your entire catalog on one application

Reality: There are now different application types and new rules. Your catalog will need to be divided into separate applications that follow these rules (If you use Cosynd to register, you can take advantage of their application calculator to help you determine how to break your catalog). 

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Myth: I can easily correct it if I file the wrong application

Reality: The Copyright Office does not issue refunds. If you file the wrong application, you will have to pay new federal filing fees and wait for several months for your application to be approved (or denied again).

The biggest reality: Protecting your content is easy and affordable

While working directly with the U.S. Copyright Office can be costly if you don’t know what you’re doing or if your application is filed incorrectly, Cosynd error-proofs your application, files it, and works with the Copyright Office on your behalf to get your copyright registered. If you’re a Music With Flavor member, you can protect your music, videos, images, and more in minutes for just $25 (plus federal filing fees) per registration application. When you use Cosynd to register your copyrights, you never need to:

  • Think about what application type you should be using
  • Think about what work type category that applies to you
  • Enter repetitive data over and over
  • Read through lengthy instruction documentation to complete your application
  • Worry about making any of the errors that cause applications to be delayed or denied

Bonus: In addition to registration, Cosynd is the only solution that can also help you simultaneously manage all of your split sheets, work for hire agreements, and other copyright ownership agreements with one easy account. 

Good luck, creators!

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Cosynd is the fastest and most affordable way for content creators to protect themselves and their life’s work. 

We’re the only solution that gives creators the ability to build, negotiate, and sign vital contracts that secure their copyrights, which we then register with the Copyright Office. 

We’re turning a long, expensive process into one that saves creators of video, music, visual art, and literature thousands in legal fees with just a few clicks. 

With solutions for both individuals and businesses alike, Cosynd is leveling the playing field and making basic copyright protection affordable and accessible to everyone. www.cosynd.com

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