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Memories Emotional Lo-Fi Review

Heartwarming & Sad Lo Fi Sample Pack

For budding love song writers, this is an epic pack for your productions.

The creators at Apollo Sound have a new sample pack on the market. Memories Emotional Lo-Fi is part of the Lo-Fi Raccoon Series and features a number of elements for your productions. We take a look at what is on offer in our Memories Emotional Lo-Fi review.

Memories Emotional Lo-Fi Review overview

As always, the reviews take place using our trusty Bitwig Studio DAW. Once downloaded, the sample pack is saved in a location where all my other samples are in place. This way, on first load of the DAW the sample pack folder is re-scanned and then the samples can be found in the browser window.

Memories Emotional Lo-Fi Review box cover

What’s in the box?

Well to be honest, nothing! It’s all digital download of course these days, and so a sample pack zip is available to download from your Apollo Sound portal once you have purchased the product. There is a 1.4Gb download zip file which contains the sample pack so plenty of sounds to be getting your teeth in to.

Samples Included

As mentioned there are a number of samples in the zip file and all fall under the lo-fi genre. There are a variety of the following types:

  • Musical One Shots
  • Drum Loops
  • Drum Hits
  • Song Starters
  • Texture Loops

Each type gives you multiple elements broken down by type, BPM, Key and a very descriptive file name which helps massively when dealing with various sample packs.

The musical loops was a particularly useful section as this was split further into various Bass, Guitar, Melody, Keys and even Vocal loops to name a few. Plenty to work with and plenty to allow inspiration to kick in.

Midi Time

In my book, a good sample pack contains midi patterns in addition to sampled sounds. Why? Because midi is important to giving you the foundation to start a track in the particular style or genre the sample pack is aimed at.

Maybe this isn’t important in this case where the target genre is lo-fi, but if it was a jazz pack for example, chord structures and keys are really important to give the right sound to the instruments. To have midi loops available in this pack is a real added bonus and definite plus point.

memories emotional lo-fi review pack contents
Plenty of choice, and beautifully organised.

How does it sound?

This is the crux of it all, how does the pack sound? This is a very emotional pack as it says on the box. The expectation of sad songs and heart wrenching chords certainly live up to expectations. For budding love song writers, this is an epic pack for your productions.

There are plenty of minor chords (as you’d expects with this genre of music) and the samples taken are beautifully played.

One particular loop from the song starters folder was the Heartbreaker song. The guitar riff in this was played with such grace, and as I don’t normally touch anything under 110 bpm I wouldn’t normally use this kind of loop.

However having said that I was able to take it, to the next level and put the loop in my sampler and take elements of it to use as a new synth line. That’s why I love any kind of sample pack, they can be so versatile if you use it in a different way.

This is certainly a good value pack that I would recommend due to the included midi riffs and multiple sound styles that there are. While this is not an affiliate promotion, the guys at Apollo Sound did give me a code to pass on to Part Time Producer readers and you can get and 80% discount on this product by using the code Apolloforproducers at checkout. Happy producing!

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