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iMusician Distribution Review – The Honest Truth

iMusician has a large team behind them are are able to distribute your music to over 250+ stores. 

Not as well known as some other companies on the market, iMusician still makes a solid case for earning your business. 

Learn more with our iMusician Distribution Review below!

iMusician Distribution Review – What You’ll Learn

  • How iMusician stacks up against larger competitors​
  • How you can leverage iTunes through the iMusician platform
  • If iMusician is right for you​
iMusician Distribution Review - The Honest Truth

iMusician Distribution Summary

imusician review

Starts at $5/release


  • 250 + Outlets
  • Dedicated customer Support
  • YouTube Monetization
  • iTunes Pro
  • Sync Opportunities
  • Mastering Options


  • Pay more for less commission on your royalties
  • No admin publisher
  • Have to pay for faster delivery of your releases
  • No payment splitting

As we continue to make our way through the long list of distribution companies out there you tend to find a lot of similarities between them. The larger companies have a lot of resources that allow them to do more in terms of marketing and seem to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds when music distribution is brought up.

With that said there are a number of new and emerging companies that still deserve our attention and consideration. One of these little-known companies is iMusician who we recently came across and wanted to see how they stacked up in terms of the competition. We came across a very interesting feature set and thought we’d share our findings with you!

Pro Tip: Usually the best days to release new music are Tuesdays and Fridays

Who Is iMusician For?

iMusician is an interesting company that may not been on your radar. From the outside looking in this company might seem like a small startup but they have a decent sized team behind them. For an artist who wants their music distributed to a larger number of stores, iMusician is not a bad choice and has some other features that might be of interest to you like Youtube monetization, iTunes Pro and their sync opportunities.

I am not a huge fan of their commission and fee model from an artists perspective as you are forced to pay more to get more. My thing with that is you don’t exactly win when it comes to giving up more commission for fewer fees or vice-versa because the company is still digging into your pocket at one end or the other. iMusician is not the only company guilty of this but this is something to keep in mind and consider

Fees & Commissions

As with the majority of distribution platforms, iMusician is free to join but their fees for the actual distribution of your music comes with varying levels of costs and features.

iMusician has 4 different options with different pricing and commission structures. The options consist of Starter, Regular, Rockstar and Pro Unlimited. The breakdown for these options and what they include are listed below:

Company iMusician Pricing Music With Flavor

Depending on your plan the starter option only distributes to 1 store, so if you want more distribution channels you will need to upgrade your plan. As for the addition of new platforms, they will not charge you for any new stores they add or partner with.

Another positive is that iMusician does not charge you if you decide to remove your music from their platform. This is contrary to platforms like Horus Music who will charge you $100 if you remove your music within 3 months of adding it. 

Outlets & Release Options

Company iMusician Distribution Stores Music With Flavor

Depending on the plan you have chosen, this will dictate the number of stores you can distribute to. iMusician has distribution set up with over 250+ stores. You also have the option to opt out of certain stores or territories if need be.

Company iMusician List Of Partner Streaming Platforms Music With Flavor 3

Speed To Stores

Normal delivery to stores will take about 2 weeks. However, you can pay for either express delivery or 48-hour delivery to speed things up. Express delivery will cost you $15 on both starter and regular plans but is free on Rockstar and Pro plans. 48-hour delivery is $30 on both starter and regular plans and $10 on both rockstar and pro plans. You will come to find that my position on this upsell is that you should avoid it at all costs. Plan ahead and save yourself some money!

Release Dates

Like most platforms, there are no restrictions on choosing your release dates with iMusician. If you have a date that you want to focus on for the release of your music then you can do so freely with iMusician.


This is offered through iMusician’s “iTunes Pro Tools” feature. In order to take advantage of the pre-order iMusician requires 4 weeks prior to your release in order to execute your pre-order properly. This also comes with some other cool features which we will discuss later. iTunes Pro Tools will cost you $39 for all plans except the pro plan which allows you to use these tools for free.

Company iMusician Digital Music Distribution Music With Flavor

General Features

Mastering & Mixing Services

As you complete your recording projects you have the option to get your tracks mixed and mastered through JP Masters and each track will cost you $40. As for mixing this is a bit more expensive. Ranging at $100 per track all the way up to $200 per track depending on how many tracks you need. They also provide lessons for mixing your own music, providing you with 30 minute sessions and 1 hour sessions which will cost you $50 and $80 respectively. You can check out the offer here.

Company iMusician Professional Mastering Music With Flavor 3

Music Gateway (Sync Opportunities)

This service is to help you find placements for Film, TV, commercials, etc. iMusician has partnered with Music Gateway to bring you this service and I am happy that more companies are focusing on helping artists in this area. Landing these placements is never a bad thing and when you can take advantage of them I highly recommend that you do.

Company iMusician Sync Opportunities Music With Flavor

Cover Songs

With iMusician, you are allowed to upload cover songs however they do not help you to obtain mechanical licenses. If you only want to distribute your cover songs to Europe, then you just need some details about the original track as opposed to a full license.

CD & Vinyl Pressing

iMusician also partners with a company called 100 Vinyl to offer discounts on physical CD and Vinyl production. If having physical copies of your music available for sale is a part of your marketing strategy then this may be of benefit to you. 

Company iMusician Vinyl Pressing Music With Flavor

iTunes Pro

This option allows you to utilize the pre-order feature as well as, create personalized shop links to your music, create an iTunes booklet, set your store prices and update your artist profile. This will cost you $39 on every package except the pro unlimited package which provides you these features for free.

YouTube Content ID & Monetization

Company iMusician YouTube Monetization Music With Flavor

This service helps you to ensure that you earn revenue from your music when it is being played on the YouTube platform. With iMusician, this will cost you $1 per song on their starter and regular packages but is free on the other available packages.

Company iMusician Content ID Music With Flavor

Artist Payout

No minimum threshold is imposed on artists using iMusician and you can request a payout via PayPal or bank transfer. Unfortunately, iMusician does not provide payment splitting options for artists.

Analytics & Reporrts

As we continually stress, having strong analytical data at your fingertips is very important. With iMusician, they provide you with monthly sales and daily trend reports. It should be stated that this is not as comprehensive as some other platforms.

Ease Of Use

The iMusician platform is not complicated at all and has a very easy to use dashboard. Furthermore, the process of uploading your music to the platform is very straight forward.

Customer Support

Email support response times are typically 1 day, and they are open for business Monday to Friday. They provide a decent F.A.Q section but it could certainly be more in depth. The platform also allows for communication in a number of different languages which could be important to some artists for sure. If you are on a pro plan they also provide hands-on personal phone support.

Final Verdict

I believe iMusician is a solid platform that is not as highly publicized as some other platforms. They have a decent line of features that would actually be of benefit to artists but still lack in some areas that would really set them over the top. In all, I like what they have to offer but feel there are more well-rounded companies out there.

imusician review

Starts at $5/release

1 thought on “iMusician Distribution Review – The Honest Truth”

  1. Bad company. Stay away from it.
    Horrible website, unworkable communitysite, uploading is horrendous, nothing goes smoothly. Automated emails won’t be send, you have to ask for it, sometimes multiple times. Prices have gone up, service has gone down.
    Don’t use them! You have been warned.

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