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How To Get Your Music On Spotify & Apple Music

You’ve just finished your new album, and it’s time to let your fans enjoy it, but how? Have you ever wondered how artists get their music distributed to platforms like Spotify or Apple Music?

Our fans are creatures of habit and stay loyal to their favorite music platforms. As an artist, this helps us identify where our music needs to be.

How To Get Your Music On Spotify & Apple Music

How To Get Your Music On Spotify & Apple Music

Now, if you wanted to, you could spend hours upon hours trying to contact these various platforms and see if they’ll help you out with music distribution.

However, this would cause a considerable headache given how many platforms are out there and your lack of reliable connections with these companies. Quite honestly, it’s just not the best use of your time and resources.

Instead, I suggest you save yourself a ton of time and leverage the services of a music distribution company like TuneCore and confidently have your music distributed around the globe with ease in a few simple steps.

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Music Distribution of The Past

Distribution was done a lot differently in the past and would cost labels a fortune. Rather than putting you to sleep with a history lesson, look around and ask yourself.

When was the last time you ripped off the plastic packaging of your favorite artists’ new album? Or bought music from a physical store for that matter?

The times have changed, and the digital age has made our access to music almost instant. Previously, every level of music distribution had a cost that has, for the most part, disappeared.

While arguments are firm for both the positive and negative effects this has on the music industry, the fact remains, your fans are searching for your music right now on the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

If they can’t find your music, this hurts you negatively as you could be missing out on streams, royalties, branding word of mouth, and so much more.

So how exactly do you get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the other platforms out there so that your fans don’t miss a beat?

TuneCore Sell Your Music Worldwide

TuneCore Music Distribution

TuneCore is a pillar in the music industry when it comes to helping artists with music distribution. They have been around since 2005 and have continued to support artists in many essential areas of the music industry.

TuneCore has positioned itself as the ultimate middleman where music distribution is concerned, simplifying the process and making your life as an artist much more manageable.

You upload your music, tell TuneCore where you want your music distributed, and for a small fee, they take care of the rest.

No endless emails or phone calls that don’t get returned. No sitting around worrying if your music will get released.

TuneCore even eliminates the need for you to chase down every single platform to ensure you get paid. More importantly, they don’t take a percentage of your sales revenue which means more money in your pocket.

TuneCore has done all the heavy lifting to create a reliable music distribution network and continue to build the relationships required to ensure the process of music distribution runs smoothly for all artists using their services.

Who Can Get Their Music Distributed to Spotify and Apple Music

Some of you may feel as though there is some secret set of rules or qualifications for you to get your music on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

The reality is that anybody can get their work on these platforms. There really isn’t any restrictions except for making sure that you own or have permission to use the work you plan to distribute.

With that said, TuneCore does have some requirements that you will want to make sure you review before distributing with them, but this is only to ensure that the distribution process goes as smoothly as possible.

TuneCore wants to eliminate any issues before they even send your music off to the likes of Spotify & Apple Music, which is a plus. So take pride in knowing that you don’t need to be ultra famous or jump through hoops to distribute your music to popular platforms.

So what exactly do you get when you sign up for TuneCore?

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TuneCore Features

Extensive Music Distribution Network

TuneCore can distribute your music to over 150 stores and platforms across the globe, including big names like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. TuneCore is continually adding new platforms to its distribution network as well. They recently announced a new distribution option to Tik Tok, which shows how quick they are to develop relationships with new and growing platforms.

TuneCore Music Distribution Platforms

Speed to Stores

In today’s day and age, we want things now. If your fans are getting impatient for your next release, then I’m sure you don’t want to keep them waiting any longer than necessary. The added benefit of using TuneCore to distribute your music is the speed to which they get your music to stores. With TuneCore, you can expect your releases to be distributed and live in all stores within five business days. With Spotify and Apple Music, the time is usually just a day or two.

Payout Frequency

With any music distribution company, they are typically at the mercy of the companies they distribute to when it comes to getting any money owed to you. These platforms don’t pay out immediately; however, TuneCore does their best to get you paid promptly. Depending on when and where your music is released, you can expect about a 2-month delay (give or take) before you start seeing your earnings.

Enhanced Data and Metrics

Another notable aspect of TuneCore is being able to dive into the enhanced data that they provide so that you can have an idea of how your music is performing. While a lot of music distributors offer this, TuneCore has some of the most detailed performance data among music distributors.

TuneCore Sales Reports

Cost to use TuneCore

TuneCore is free to join so you can get a glimpse of the platform and all it has to offer before actually distributing your music. Once you are ready to go live, the cost to distribute a single is only $9.99 and $29.99 for an album with our 20% off promotional link.

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TuneCore Publishing Admin Discount (25% Off)


We are big on ownership, and with TuneCore, you can rest assured that you retain 100% of your copyright when you distribute your music with the company.

What else does TuneCore offer?

TuneCore does not draw the line at music distribution. They provide several other services that help musicians in prominent areas like publishing administration, sync licensing, YouTube monetization, professional music mastering, promotion, and more. So if you want to dive into more than just distribution, TuneCore has you covered.

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How to distribute your music to Spotify and Apple Music using TuneCore

Step 1: Sign up for a free account

Head to TuneCore.com and create your free account if you haven’t already. No credit card is required to sign up so you can get a feel for TuneCore before having to pay a cent.

TuneCore Sign Up - Register as a TuneCore Artist
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Step 2: Provide details of your release

Head to the music section on the main dashboard and then choose the appropriate release you want to distribute (Single, Album, or Ringtone). From here, you will provide the details of your release. Make sure you don’t rush this part as these details are critical and can cause issues down the road if incorrect.

TuneCore add new album or single
Create a New Single | TuneCore

Step 3: Determine the stores you want to distribute too

Next, you will need to select where you want your music distributed and if you desire to have future stores included when TuneCore adds them to their distribution network.

TuneCore Stores Selection
Company TuneCore Store Partners Music With Flavor 2

Step 4: Upload your artwork

Your artwork is vital from a branding and marketing perspective, and you’ll have to ensure that your artwork meets the specific requirements that TuneCore has established. If not, there is a chance your release can get rejected. Meaning you’ll have to do some tweaking later for your release to be approved. I suggest taking the time to get it right the first time. Please take a look at TuneCore’s style guide for extra help on their specific requirements.

TuneCore Artwork Upload
TuneCore Cover art requirements

Step 5: Upload your music

Similar to your artwork, there are specific quality requirements for the tracks that you plan to upload, so always keep this in mind when developing your music. TuneCore requests the following “Before you upload your audio, please make sure that your files are 16 bit (sample size), 44.1 kHz (sample rate), 1411 kbps (bit rate) stereo wav files.” They also offer a guide to help you with any audio file conversions.

TuneCore Upload Your Music

Step 6: (Optional) Pre-Order

TuneCore gives you the ability to provide pre-orders of your releases to fans in advance of the actual release date. Pre-Orders with TuneCore are only available through Apple Music or Google Play, so these platforms will need to be selected in the stores you chose to distribute too.

TuneCore Pre-order releases option

Step 7: Pay for your release

Once you have gotten all of the above in order and have reviewed everything, you are all set and ready to distribute your music with TuneCore. Once you pay for your release, TuneCore will take it from there, distributing your music around the globe at the click of a button.

The whole process is very quick and easy to complete. However, if you have any issues, feel free to check out their extensive FAQ section or reach out to their responsive support team.

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Why TuneCore?

Now that you know getting your music on Spotify or Apple Music is easy with the help of a music distribution service like TuneCore, you can spend more time focusing on creating and promoting your music.

TuneCore saves you time and gives you access to global distribution without requiring a record label. They provide independent musicians access to resources they otherwise wouldn’t have, meanwhile allowing you to keep 100% of your copyrights.

The extent of their services goes beyond music distribution, and artists have been relying on the company for years to help them navigate the music industry independently.

The process of distributing your music used to be a stressful endeavour, but thankfully things have gotten a lot easier. Let TuneCore help you ensure that your fans continually have access to your music on their favorite platforms.

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TuneCore Publishing Admin Discount (25% Off)

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