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Downfall – Artist Spotlight With Xande

Downfall by XANDE – Out Now!

It has been nearly a year since we formally chatted with Setubal Portugal’s very own XANDE and we were fortunate enough to sit down with him again for a very heartfelt and informative interview.

We got a behind the scenes look at his latest single “Downfall” and discussed the importance of mental health in all aspects of life.

Click here to watch the full interview.

Downfall by Xande

XANDE Drops Debut Album – Maybe Different Is Not So Bad

Back on June 12th, 2020 – XANDE released his debut album “Maybe Different Is Not So Bad” which featured songs like “No Man“, “Psycho” and our personal favourite “Feels” featuring the wonderful Isaura

Since the release of the album, XANDE like most artists hasn’t been able to do the typical line up of shows and touring that would usually follow such a great release due to the pandemic. 

However this hasn’t stopped him from continuing to churn out new music as the world works it’s way back to normalcy. 

New Single – Downfall by XANDE

XANDE’s latest release “Downfall” dropped on October 8th, 2020 accompanied by a music video that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

When asked in our interview what the true meaning and inspiration for the track was, XANDE explained that “it could be a love song. If you listen to it with no explanation it could be perceived as a love song but it is actually about me living around my dad’s illness which is schizophrenia.”

He went on to state that “Downfall was just me talking to him (–his dad) you know so it hits hard and is really personal to me.” 

Since our first listen of Downfall, we can’t get the track out of our heads and can assure you that the song is a must listen. XANDE’s singing never disappoints and you become entranced with the build up of the song and meaning behind the lyrics.

Highly suggest you go check out XANDE’s new single & music video “Downfall” available on YouTube and all streaming platforms. 

You can also check out our previous interview with XANDE where we break down his debut album “Maybe Different Is Not So Bad”  Here. 

Downfall – Xande Artist Spotlight Interview Timestamps:

2:25 – Introducing XANDE 

3:07 – Discussing XANDE’s upbringing and introduction to music

4:29 – Breaking down the type of music XANDE creates

7:46 – Experiences while touring at a young age

11:18 – Transitioning from being in a band to a solo career

12:48 – Meaning behind the release of the new single Downfall

17:50 – Being brave through your lyrics and speaking your truth

20:09 – Sacrificing  your mental health for a music career

22:39 – How social media skews our opinions of music

24:23 – Impact the pandemic has had on music

28:54 – Past and current collaborators

31:13 – Claiming your city and owning it

32:02 – Future collaborations

36:14 – Hardest lesson learned trying to grow an audience

42:52 – Impact of future music industry trends

48:43 – Advice for aspiring artists

51:25 – Whats next for XANDE

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