Learn About Distrolock: Audible Magic & Distrokid Partner Up

Have you heard of Distrolock yet? 

If you aren’t already aware of Distrokid and its rise to popularity within the music distribution arena, you may want to take notice. 

The company was founded in 2013 and has shown zero signs of slowing down especially with recent partnerships with powerhouses like Spotify.

We have reviewed Distrokid on our site and have found them to be one of the best music distributors on the market right now

As they continue to grow they don’t seem to be getting complacent in the midst of all of their success. In fact Distrokid continues to keep the needs of artists in mind and adding essential features to improve the careers of musicians. 

In more recent news, Distrokid has partnered with Audible Magic, a content recognition company to bring you an incredible feature called Distrolock.

Learn About Distrolock: Audible Magic & Distrokid Partner Up

Distrolock’s Fight Against Fraudulent Uploads

The partnership was announced on June 12, 2019 and Distrolock is said to be the solution to recent fraudulent situations in the music industry.

Situations that saw big name artists like Beyonce, having to deal with their unreleased music being uploaded to streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes under fraudulent names.

While these songs may be under different names, they begin to chart on these platforms and of course any money from streams are not going to the actual artist which is a huge problem.

Distrolock is said to combat this issue by allowing artists to create an audio fingerprint of their music so that fraudulent uploads can immediately be identified and removed from streaming platforms. 

Above all else, this extra protection is all free which is a major plus for artists using the Distrokid Platform.

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What This Means For Musicians

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This is huge for all types of creators who are uploading music, whether it be beat makers, producers, and artists alike. 

However, fuel will certainly be added to the fire of the conversation around what is considered to be stealing as opposed to creative inspiration. 

By that I mean building off previous work, for exampling sampling and looping culture in the hip hop world and other genres as well.

Regardless, I believe that this is an amazing thing for all creatives and will be embraced by most. 

“Until now, there hasn’t been a definitive way for artists to say, ‘this is my audio, don’t let anyone else release it,'” said DistroKid CEO Philip Kaplan.

Audible Magic specializes in digital content recognition and have also made partnerships with other notable music distributors like The Orchard and CD Baby.

While this feature only works to strengthen the argument of using Distrokid, it will be interesting to see if other music distributors start to introduce this type of technology.

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If you have yet to make a decision on which music distributor to go with, check out our in depth breakdown of all the major music distribution companies available to you here.

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