MtG Dialog Review – What We Thought of MtG in The Field

mtg dialog review

Mind the Gap, A.K.A. MtG is MAAT Labs’ is a time-saving solution to looping, and filling blank spaces when editing audio for videos, films, games, podcast, etc. This plugin was released a few years ago, and it’s a fantastic simplifier of a particularly annoying part of the editing work: matching the room tone and filling … Read more

The 5 Best Sidechain Plugins for Music Producers

best sidechain compression plugins

Sidechaining is arguably the most prevalent mixing technique used in modern electronic music. Characterized by its signature “pumping” sound, sidechaining is the perfect tool for track separation in your music Most modern compression VST’s come with a sidechain feature built in, and a lot of the time, it’s the only thing you need. But sometimes, … Read more

The 5 Best Free Transient Shaper Plugins for Producers (VST, AU, AAX)

free transient shaper plugins

Here is the complete list of the best free transient shaper VST plugins & transient designers: Auburn Sounds Couture Sound Anomaly Transpire Flux Bittersweet v3 Sleepy-Time Transient Ableton Transient Shaper Whatever genre of music you’re making, transient shaping plugins are extremely important to helping form a balanced mix. They can help to make your mix … Read more

The Best Mastering Limiter Plugins for Producers (Shootout w/Audio Examples)

best mastering limiter plugins

Limiters are dynamic processors (very similar to compressors) that are often used by mastering engineers to get a song to a commercial level. They work as a ceiling to prevent a signal from passing beyond a prefixed threshold by applying very hard compression to it. This compression helps glue together the different elements in your … Read more