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Audioblast Instalooper 3 Review: An innovative plug-in for Looping connoisseurs

If you are a DJ, or electronic producer, this is surely something that you would want in your kit for on-the-spot sample looping. As a live musician, you can record, loop, and play over your music, while as a sound designer, atmospheric background and unique soundscapes can enable a creative output.

Is Audioblast Instalooper 3 Worth it? (Quick Verdict)

Yes. The InstaLooper3 is not like other loop recorders on the market. The real-time audio can be looped using this glitch effect tool, which allows you to make time and pitch alterations to create effects for your musical works. You may make breaks at the end of measures and unstructured the sound by using this looper plugin. You can also generate roll effects by looping the music quickly. 

Reverse and pitch, two of the six integrated effects, make it possible to generate short loops in a matter of seconds, as well as glitch effects in real time.

Audioblast Instalooper 3
84,99 €

The Audioblast Instalooper 3 is an innovative looping plugin that enables real-time loop creation, manipulation, and glitch effects. With intuitive controls, multiple tracks, and customizable loop lengths, it's a powerful tool for DJs, musicians, and sound designers to enhance their workflow and create unique, captivating soundscapes across various genres.

OS Compatibility: Mac Os X from 10.12+, M1/M2, Windows 7/8/10/11, AAX, Audio Unit, VST3, VST2, M1, Apple Silicon compatible.
  • The plugin enables users to modify looping audio in real-time.
  • Makes it easy to create unique and fascinating loops for music and sound design projects.
  • Works with all major DAWs
  • Personalize looping and audio processing. It can be customized for many musical genres.
  • Beginners will struggle using Instalooper 3. Advanced features may require practice.
  • Requires high-quality audio.
  • Sometimes, the loop is on too quickly & at times, the effect isn’t audible clearly.

What is InstaLooper 3? What does it do?

InstaLooper 3 is a loop-based sampler and looper that makes real-time loop creation and manipulation simple for users. It enables users to record musical passages, like guitar riffs or vocal melodies, and then play those passages back repeatedly in loops. It incorporates the effects and pitch changing along with the loops.

Audioblast Instalooper 3

Components of the Instalooper 3 

Installer 3 is a plugin that provides real-time capabilities for the generation of loops and glitch effects. A variety of capabilities, including multiple tracks, configurable loop length, pitch, effects, and automation, are offered by the plugin. In addition, there is a knob that allows you to adjust the speed of the loop as well as reverse it.

It can be used to enhance the workflow in a variety of music production programs by adding looping and sampling features. 

Let’s look at all of these features in depth.

Features of Instalooper:

Four loops in a row

Four loops in a row

You can loop the incoming audio on the fly by using trigger buttons to loop the audio and knobs to modify the loop duration. This can be done with trigger buttons to loop the audio. In addition, you can separately activate or deactivate each loop row. 

With on/off to trigger slash release the loop, you can switch from one loop to another 12 predefined loop sizes, ranging from 1 bar to ½ bar, going all the way up to 1/128th.

Six integrated effects for each row

Six integrated effects for each row

You may give your loops some color and texture by using effects like bit reduction, auto-pan, hi-pass, phaser, time expansion, and delay. Each row has its own set of integrated effects. You can make changes to the settings of each effect using the knobs and sliders provided. 

  • Bit Crusher: The effect is quite similar to that of a bit crusher. It sets the sample rate to 2000 Hz, which is lower than the sample rate that you have specified in your DAW. When the parameter knob is set to 0%, there is no change made, and when it is set to 100%, the maximum sample rate reduction is achieved.
  • Auto-Pan: This is an effect known as a panoramic view. The pace of the host determines how closely the Auto-pan range follows it. The rate at which the panoramic effect is applied can be altered by the parameter.
  • Hi-Pass: When this is turned on, a high-pass filter will be applied but cutting off all the lows. The cut-off point of the filter can be altered by the parameter.
  • Phaser: When this is turned on, a phaser effect will be applied. The audio signal is processed by phasers, which use all-pass filters to bring together peak levels and notch loudness. The parameter allows the intensity of the effect to be altered.
  • Time Expand: This effect will lengthen the duration of your loop without affecting the pitch in the same way that older samplers did. The parameter does not have any impact.

FX button 

FX button

The effects can be turned on or off by toggling the FX button. 



Using either a knob or a slider, you may alter the pitch of each individual row in the loop. By adjusting the pitches of your loops, you can use them to create harmonies, melodies, or dissonances in your music. The speed rate of the loop can be adjusted using this knob, which functions similarly to a linear pitch. 

The value 0 indicates the normal operating speed, whereas the value 100 indicates the maximum possible speed. Depending on whether or not the “on/off” button is pressed, this effect will either speed up or slow down the loop.



You can press a button to make each row’s loop go in the other way, giving the impression that the effect is being played backward. Using this tool, you may produce soundscapes and transitions that are both unique and intriguing. 

Overall, all the buttons are able to be controlled by the process shown below;

  • The left click on the on/off button will activate the loop. The loop function stays activated if you hold down the button. When you release the button, the loop is deactivated.
  • Right-click on the on/off button to activate the loop. There’s no need to hold the right-click button down. You can release your hand to make it free for other actions, unlike with the left click. By Right-clicking the button again, the loop is deactivated.

Param Sequencer 

Param Sequencer

The parameter of the selected loop ( here, “LOOP 1” ) is set to modulate in the step sequencer with the help of the PARAM knob above.

Sequencer mode 

Sequencer mode

Pressing the sequencer button will put InstaLooper3 into “sequencer mode.” Sequencer mode allows you to sequence loops.

You are able to pre-program motion sequences of parameters using the “seq. mode” of InstaLooper3, which allows you to sequence all of the InstaLooper3’s parameters.

The tempo of the host is used to synchronize the sequencer, and the value of the parameter is represented as a percentage along each step of the sequencer, which ranges from 0% to 100%. 

Using the Step sequencer

  • Hold down the Control key while clicking and dragging the mouse to reset the steps to their original state.
  • Hold down the Shift key while clicking and dragging the mouse to keep the values of all the stages in your sequence updating.
  • Setting the maximum value for a parameter requires a double click.
  • Using the right mouse button will set the minimum value for the parameter.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Click will set the parameter’s default value for the active sequence.

Speed per row 

Speed per row

You can vary the speed at which each loop row plays. Using this function, you can generate effects that include slowdowns, speedups, and stuttering.

This feature enables you to alter the speed of the parameter sequencer. The sequencer speed can be varied for each individual loop.

For instance, you are currently changing a parameter of the “LOOP 1” in the sequencer. If you change the “speed” setting to “/2” in the sequencer, the playing speed of all the parameters of the “LOOP 1” will be played at the selected speed.



When the user regains control of the inner sequenced parameter, this button becomes highlighted so that they can easily access it.

It brings to your attention the fact that the current condition of the parameter is not sequenced anymore. If you want to reactivate all of the sequences of the parameters, you can do so by clicking on it.



Simply clicking the “clear” button will clear a parameter sequence and put it back to its initial state, which is the default value. The light on the parameter sequencer will be turned off, and the sequencer will no longer be applied to the selected parameter. 

When the button is pushed, the LEDs that surround the settings vanish. This will only clear the parameter; everything else will remain the same.


Sound quality is a significant factor to consider when evaluating any audio device, and the Audioblast Instalooper 3 does not disappoint. The device maintains the integrity of the original audio source, preserving its clarity and dynamics throughout the looping process. 

The built-in high-quality converters ensure that the audio signal remains pristine, resulting in professional-grade sound reproduction. Moreover, the effects included in the Instalooper 3 further enhance the sound, allowing users to create unique and captivating sonic landscapes.

Let’s see how it sounds on different tracks along with different settings

Melody + Chords

For the melody and chords, we will be trying the plug-in on the file below;

Melody Chords


For the drums, we will be trying the plugin on the file below;

MelodyChords DRY

Drums- DRY

Here’s how they sound with the effects on each one of them


The loop is set to one bar. So the track will loop one bar of the track. 



NOTE: The above files are used as the DRY reference to all the WET tracks below.


The DRY/WET knob is to hear the proportion of the original sound compared to when the parameter was applied. The dry and wet setting only works upon activating the FX and no change is observed on activating the other buttons. 


In order to play the FX during the loop, you have to activate both the LOOP and the FX together. The DRY/WET is set at 82% to have a fairly discernible sound.

Now, you can hear both the Loop and the FX in the audio file. The PARAM and PITCH will not affect the output. 

Here, it is a Phaser effect.

  • Arp- Phaser
  • Drums- Phaser

Next, we have the Bit Reducer effect

  • Drums- Bit Reducer

We changed the DRY/WET setting to 100% in order to hear a clear distinction between both before and after the effect file.

Now here’s the Autopan effect

  • ArpAutopan
  • Drums- Autopan

You can hear the sound of both the loops panning from both sides.

Here we have the Hipass

  • Drums- Hi pass 

Here, both the loops have their lows cut off.



Drums- Gate

Here, the additional noise (albeit barely audible) from the DRY track has been eliminated. It’s not very distinguished here because our DRY file was already clear, but it will be very effective in recording with noise on it.  

Time Expand


Drums- Time Expand

Here, we are altering the speed or duration of an audio sample without affecting its pitch. As you can see, the pitch is not altered; only the playback speed of the sample


The reverse effect plays the track in reverse. In this case, the plugin will play just the loop in reverse instead of the full track.


As you can see, both the LOOP and REV are activated.

  • Reverse audio
  • Drums- Reverse


Here, we’ve changed the setting by turning the FX button off so we can hear a clear difference in the change by increasing the pitch by 15%.

  • Drums- Pitch 15%


The Instalooper 3 can be used in the same way as any other plugin. Once added onto a channel of your DAW, it begins recording audio, creating loops of varying lengths, allowing for overdubbing, and modifying feedback in order to create layered soundscapes. Performers, sound designers, and musicians using this software use it for live looping.

Length of the Loop

The gadget controls loop length. You can loop music for a shorter or longer time. The gadget allows loop length modifications. Depending on how you loop the music, you can choose shorter or longer phrases.

Multiple Loop Layers 

Installooper 3 creates several loops. Add loops to the present one. The Instalooper 3 lets you create several loops in your music. Record new loops on top of the existing ones, each with its own duration and content. You can create complex, ever-changing auditory creations. This lets you make complex and evolving audio compositions.

Controlling the audio loop 

It has several controls. Changing the loop’s volume, pitch, and speed creates unique effects and textures. Looped audio can be modulated with stutters, fades, and other effects. The device has many controls for looping audio. Controlling the loop’s volume, pitch, and speed lets you create unique effects and textures. 

You can also stutter, fade, and modulate looped audio.

Presets and Memory 

The plug-in has a memory feature that lets you store and access presets. This memory function enables you to save and recall any presets that you have previously created.

This allows you to save your preferred settings for the loops, layers, and effects, giving you the ability to easily switch between a variety of different configurations while you are performing or recording.

Selecting the Presets

Selecting the Presets
Select the desired preset
  • Select the desired preset
  • Drag and drop it into the channel you want. Here, we have selected the very first one called ‘aberration.vstpreset’. 

As you can see, the setting for each loop is clearly visible. 

E.g. Loop 1 size = 1 bar 


The Audioblast Instalooper 3 boasts an impressive range of features like Pitch shifting, Reverse playback, and Modulation (phaser, gate, etc.) that make it stand out in the market. One of its notable features is its intuitive user interface, which allows users to navigate through the various controls and functions easily. 

The device also offers up to 10 minutes of looping time, giving musicians ample room for experimentation and creativity. 

Influential Genres and Producers

The live looping and glitching tool known as Instalooper is both adaptable and innovative in its application. 

And has been used in various genres and been taken to its limits by genre-defining producers like:

  • IDM
  • Breakbeat
  • Autechre
  • Aphex Twin
  • Squarepusher
  • Venetian Snares
  • Igorrr
  • The Glitch Mob3 


How hard is the Instalooper on the computer?

We stress-tested the plugin on our Windows Intel 3 Core with 12 GB ram. Out of 10 times, when we went to change the settings of the plugin that we had to create for this review, it crashed five times. Other 2-3 times, it didn’t give any output; the rest of the times, it went smoothly. It’s ideal to print your tracks once you’re satisfied with your settings to limit the number of instances you’re running the plugin at any given time.

You would be advised to use a higher-specification computer to run this plug-in so that it does not cause any trouble.

What Does My System Need To Run It?


  • MacOS 10.12+
  • Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU
  • 2 GB+ RAM


  • Windows 7/8/10/11,
  • Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU
  • 2 GB+ RAM.

Requires an internet connection in order to install and update your products.

What About UI & Utility?

Its user interface is quite easy to use, which makes it one of its most remarkable qualities because it enables users to navigate through all of the many settings and functionalities effortlessly. Because of its intuitive user interface, it is an extremely helpful tool for audio enthusiasts, as well as musicians and producers.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, the Instalooper 3 is suitable for users of all levels of expertise.

How Does The Audioblast Instalooper Stand Up To The Competition?

Compared to the online search of other loop plug-ins, the Audioblast does not pop up on any of the lists. However, in comparison to all of them, we find the Instalooper 3 

  • Easy to install
  • Quick to load
  • Easy of use
  • Quick learning curve


What types of Loopers are available? How can I use it?

The Looper is a device that comes in different forms. A pedal, a pad, a plugin, etc., which, during a live musical performance, simultaneously creates instant recordings of those performances and plays those recordings back in real-time. With the help of this, a DJ/Musician is able to perform their own music by themselves by creating multiple tracks without the need for other performers to be present.

Can I loop all my channels with Instalooper?

Yes. As long as your DAW/Computer is able to sustain the load, you can add Instalooper 3 to as many channels as you want.

Should I wait for the Instalooper 3 to go on sale?

We recommend keeping an eye out for the Black Friday sale as in Nov 2022, the plugin went on a 90% sale with Audioblast’s Acid Box V2. ADSR Sounds had launched the offer for a brief period of time. However, these sales do happen often and its worth waiting for, if you’re not in a hurry.

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