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A Blissful Beast! Baby Audio BA-1 Review

Baby Audio BA-1

A classic reborn - the recreation of a 1982 cult analogue synth.

They call it “The Synth With A Soul” – the recreation of a 1982 cult analogue synth brought back to life from the team that gave you Super VHS and IHNY.

I got the treat to be able to have a play with this synth prior to the announcement, the kind team at Baby Audio let me have a look and see how it performed.

What a way to lose a day – I got lost in all the settings and features and time just flew! I really enjoyed learning about the BA-1 so here is how I got on with my Baby Audio BA-1 review.

Easy install from the start

The plugin was easy to install and get loaded. There is a choice of 4 versions to install:

  • VST 2
  • VST 3
  • AAX
  • Standalone

So this gives you the option to use across many types of device and DAW. Furthermore, there is support for Mac and PC so it will work with a wide range of devices and they have catered for all needs.

The install footprint is not too big either, 100Mb in total for the download so this won’t take up much space on your device. This is quite surprising considering the amount of sound this beast provides.

Baby Audio BA-1 review synth main window in Bitwig

I took the presets for a spin initially to see what types of sound I can get out of it. A simple midi riff smashed out on the keyboard and I was up and running. I got three tracks set up in my DAW, all showing the same pattern but all separated by an octave to give me most range.

As there were presets for all the varying elements of a track I added a bass from 02 BASS, some mid range from 06 KEYS + ORGANS > DIRTY ORGAN and a top end from the 05 PLUCKS + ARPS section.

Even a simple riff like this was the foundation for a new track. All of this in under 10 minutes of opening the plugin and made for easy writing of the Baby Audio BA-1 review as there is so much packed in there!

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