How To Compress Drums (Tips For All Genres)

How To Compress Drums

Do you know that full, round, and groovy drum sound that you hear in professionally produced records? Well, you’re about to learn how to get it (or at least get close enough). Truth be told, mixing drums is complicated, and after almost 8 years of mixing hip-hop, EDM, and rock music, I’ve picked up a … Read more

The Best LA2A Compressor Plugins for Audio Engineers

The Teletronix LA-2A is an all-time classic program-dependent optical compressor originally released by Teletronix in the ’60s. The patented technology went from Teletronix to Babcock Engineering and was finally purchased by the son of Universal Audio founder, Bill Putnam jr. This is a one-of-a-kind compressor because of its ingenious optical compression design. Since this meticulously … Read more

Compressor Attack and Release (Explained)

compressor attack and release settings

When you’re mixing, you want to have control of the dynamic range of your audio signal, so you typically load a compressor and start tweaking the controls. Attack and release times are paramount not only for the compression process but also to enhance the overall performance and perceived loudness. In this article, we’ll take our … Read more