The Rise of Audiomack: An Interview With Charlie Kaplan

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An interview with Charlie Kaplan, VP of Product at Audiomack.

We got the opportunity to discuss what Audiomack is and how the company is focused on being more than just another streaming service within the music industry. 

Charlie goes in-depth about the ways Audiomack is benefiting both artists and music lovers at a global level.

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The Rise of Audiomack: An Interview With Charlie Kaplan

Audiomack Interview Timestamps:

01:30 – Introducing Charlie & his role at Audiomack

05:56 – What is Audiomack?
07:49 – What makes Audiomack different from SoundCloud?
14:19 – Fastest growing area on the platform outside of North America
16:57 – Opportunities being provided by Audiomack
21:56 – Will artists on Audiomack get paid for having their music on the platform
25:50 – Does a listeners subscription equate to a larger payout for artists?
27:23 – How is Audiomack combating the issue of gaming the system or juicing plays on the platform?
32:26 – Advice for artists to better push their music
38:09 – Myths related to Audiomack
43:20 – Future predictions for the industry and how it’s changing
50:05 – Last words of advice for artists

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