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Amuse Distribution Review

Amuse screams innovation and is changing the way we think about music distribution. The main sticking point for Amuse is that all of their services are based on a mobile app! Let’s find out if this makes them the best fit for your music distribution needs!

Check Out Amuse Here

Absolutely Free – No Distribution, Sign Up or Annual Fees



Aside from being based on an app and YouTube monetization, features are limited



Amazing price point as you literally pay nothing to use Amuse

Ease Of Use


Easy to use but some frustration in having to upload music to the cloud and then to the platform



Support on the platform is fairly good as well

Check Out Amuse Here

  • Zero Fees
  • Zero Commissions
  • Based only on an App (Convenient for some)
  • 200+ Stores to distribute to
  • Zero YouTube Commission
  • No Pre-Order
  • Based only on an App (Not convenient for some)
  • Have to upload music to the cloud then to the app
  • No Admin publisher
  • Does not obtain mechanical licenses for cover songs

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It is crazy to think about how far we have come. Technology is improving at an alarming rate and the things we are capable of today are astonishing. Yes, there are still challenges that this new technology brings especially when you think about the music industry. However, the reality is, if it weren’t for this new technology and the barriers it has removed for so many artists, a lot of us would not be embarking upon our current journeys in music, simply because it just wouldn’t be possible.

Now we could go down the whole “Back in my day” path, but instead, I would like to talk to you about a company who is embracing technology and is hoping that artists will hop on board and do the same. The company I am referring to is Amuse as they have entered the market and stand as the only distribution company to our knowledge operating solely from a mobile app.

If that wasn’t enough, they have some very interesting attributes in how they are positioning themselves within the market, that I am sure will be of interest to you. With that said, let’s jump into this review and see if Amuse has what it takes to earn your business!

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Amuse Distribution Review 2023 – What You’ll Learn

  • How you may not need to rely on your computer at all to distribute your music
  • How you can keep more money in your pocket and out of the hands of distribution companies
  • How you might be ready to partner and sign with Amuse to further promote your music

Who Is CD Baby For?

If you are sick of people with their hands in your pockets trying to take a piece of the pie and you are able to embrace technology then Amuse just might be the right fit for you. There are still some features that Amuse lacks but from the sounds of it, they are willing to work closely with you as more of a partner if they feel your brand has some substance behind it.

Fees & Commissions

The majority of distribution platforms are based around a model that allows you to sign up for free before you join. Amuse is no different, allowing you to see inside the platform and understand what you are working with before distributing your music free of charge. As you’ll see below, Amuse is focused on keeping costs very low for artists.

Amuse is all about limiting costs for the artist. So much so, that they are one of the few companies that charge absolutely nothing to distribute your music AND, they also allow you to keep 100% of your music revenue with zero annual or distribution fees.

This is very unique as most companies are trying to take their piece of the pie either via a commission on your revenues or on a flat rate fee. Amuse is different however and make their money by creating partnerships with artists for further promotion. They work with the artists they sign to provide marketing, financing, promotion and playlist pitching. Not all artists will receive this treatment from Amuse but being apart of their network will put you on their radar and could potentially open more doors for you.


Adding New Stores

As you can imagine technology does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With that, we get new platforms where people go to enjoy music or new and interesting apps that allow your fanbase to interact with your music in different ways. There is some work involved however when it comes to adding these new platforms to a companies distribution network. Some distribution companies will charge for this service of keeping you up to date and present on all the new platforms but this is free of charge with Amuse.

Takedown Costs

Aside from the fact of new stores being added, you may also come to a point in your career where being on certain platforms is not advantageous for you. Or you may want to concentrate your users on one platform for a specific marketing campaign. Whatever the case may be, if you need to take your music down from Amuse, they do not charge you to do so.

Outlets & Release Options

One of Amuse’s strengths is the number of stores that they allow you to distribute your music to. When you dive into the different options out there to distribute your music, you will notice that some companies have partnerships with hundreds of stores while others only partner with a handful. If getting your music to as many stores as possible is your goal, you can rest assured that your music will be distributed to over 200+ stores with Amuse. You are also allowed to opt out of certain stores if you would like during the process of uploading your music.


Speed To Stores

We stress this all the time and truly believe that the time it takes for a store to upload your music should be irrelevant because you should have things planned out and prepared well in advance. Yes, shit happens but try to be as prepared as possible. With that said, Amuse recommends giving them 5 days in advance to ensure they get your releases out in time. This is based on all stores and not just the major stores like Spotify or iTunes.

Release Dates

With Amuse, you have control over your release dates and are not faced with any upsell tactics to get releases out quicker or allow you to adjust your dates. This is pretty standard on most platforms but if setting a specific date to release your music is important to you, then you can be confident in the ability to set release dates with Amuse.



Aside from release dates, is the ability to offer a pre-order to your audience. The behind-the-scenes on pre-orders must be a challenge for some companies as there is only a handful of them that offer this feature. Unfortunately, Amuse does not provide you with the option to take part in a pre-order campaign.

General Features

Cover Songs

You are able to upload cover songs but Amuse does not help you with obtaining mechanical licenses. Sadly, you will have to do this on your own. With more and more artists leveraging cover songs this is an important feature that a lot of companies are providing. However, Amuse is not one of the companies to take things even further by helping artists actually obtain these licenses.

The Amuse App

Also important to note, is that you are not able to access the Amuse platform from your computer. They are one of the few that provides an app and the only company that operates solely from an app. Very interesting concept and one that is certainly focused on younger artists. Every other company operates from the desktop so this is a very interesting approach that Amuse has taken.


Signed Amuse Artists

As mentioned previously Amuse is free to use and does not take a commission fee, however, they have another segment of their business where they sign artists and provide 50/50 contracts that help you with marketing, promotion, financing & playlist pitching. If you are hoping to get signed by Amuse and wondering how you can make that happen, this is the advice they have for you directly from their website:

“Amuse works a little differently from traditional record labels. We look for emerging stars and talent through data and information about the activity around a song or album. We combine data from hundreds of sources to create metrics and indicators of what is likely to become popular. We can’t share how these calculations are done, but the advice we can give is to share your music widely and frequently with your fans.”


Pretty vague and obvious I guess but if you’re making moves they will certainly find you. Oh ya, that 50/50 contract we mentioned…

Don’t quote me on this but if they’re reaching out to you, I am certain you can negotiate different terms that are more weighted in your favor.

Know your worth as an artist!

YouTube Monetization

Amuse automatically helps you with YouTube monetization and does not charge you any fees or commissions to do this for you. This is again very unique to Amuse. It is amazing that they are providing this service for artists and helping them to monetize their music on YouTube and gather the revenue they earn. Furthermore, the fact that they are willing to do this administrative work for you and not take a commission when companies are skimming 15 – 30% of artists YouTube commissions is quite impressive.


Amuse does provide free barcodes for your music which is very standard across the board. These barcodes are very important and allow you some flexibility when it comes to your music and what you can do with it. Whether it be switching distributors or keeping track of how your music is performing.

Analytics & Reports

When it comes to the analytical data provided by Amuse, you will receive streaming and download information every day from the stores you are active in. There may be a bit of a lag on the accuracy of what you are seeing in the app. As for earnings reports, these are not the strongest in comparison to some other distributors on the market. As Amuse is situated only on their app this is where you will find all of your information related to analytics.

Amuse Analytics and Reports

Artist Payout

In order to get paid for the revenue being generated by your music, you will need a PayPal account. In order for funds to be deposited to you, there will need to be a payment threshold of at least $10 in your account and you can request payment as soon as it shows up in your account. However, a feature that Amuse is not offering is payment splitting which more and more companies are starting to see the importance of.


Ease Of Use

Important to note again that Amuse is strictly run through their app. Depending on how you look at it, this could be a positive or negative thing for you. In a time when most people are accustomed to running programs from their phone, adding Amuse to the mix might be quite easy and convenient. However, for those used to managing their music on a desktop, the transition might take a bit to get used to.

The platform itself is very simple to use and getting through the upload process is pretty straightforward. As previously mentioned, there are some downsides to not having the luxury of choosing between your phone or desktop. For some, the computer option would be their preferred choice. The other thing is that you will have to upload your music files to Dropbox or a cloud service in order to get your music uploaded via the app. So you’re not exactly eliminating the use of a computer altogether.


Customer Support

Amuse does have a helpful F.A.Q. section and allows you the ability to submit a ticket through their Zendesk if you have any questions that need to be answered. From what we have seen, they usually return emails in a day or so but do not offer any phone support.

Amuse Alternatives







Final Verdict

Amuse is a very new and innovative platform focused on keeping costs low for artists. From what we have seen they really seem to be making an investment in the artist in hopes that they will develop relationships with those that use their platform that will benefit both parties down the road. It is very bold of them to not take a commission or any fees for that matter. To me, this is a lot of risk but also something that could draw a lot of artists to the platform. I am excited about Amuse and what they have to offer. I Think that they have a very bright future if they continue on this path of creativity and innovation.

Check Out Amuse Here




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