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Aaron Green Cover Song Interview: Key Tips For Artists

An Interview w/Aaron Green Co-Founder of Easy Song Licensing. 

We preach the benefits of doing cover songs often and thought we should go a bit more in-depth on the topic with our good friend Aaron Green over at Easy Song Licensing.

With this interview, we touch on the different benefits and opportunities available to you with cover songs and also touch on things you need to be aware of before releasing them. 

You can also check out our previous interview with Aaron on our YouTube Channel where we break down the basics of music licensing Here.  

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Aaron Green Cover Song Interview

Aaron Green Cover Song Interview Timestamps

2:53 – Overview of Cover Songs  

4:52 – Examples of artists killing it with cover songs 

7:59 – Benefits of doing cover songs 

11:42 – Potential for income

13:33 – Interesting fact about Prince 

15:42 – Rules around stating projections for your cover songs 

18:35 – Where artists get confused with cover songs 

21:21 – What the original copyright holder can request of you if its no longer a cover song 

24:40 – Music supervisors wanting cover songs over the original 

29:12 – Advice for artists with sync licensing 

33:32 – Enforcing the use of your music across platforms 

38:19 – Big artist performances (Public Performance Licenses) 

42:34 – Background on Cue Sheets for venues 

45:00 – Closing words

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