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What is Mastering in Music and Why Does it Matter?

what is mastering in music
Q: What is Mastering? Mastering is the final processing of any track. The goal of mastering is to balance your sonic elements, loudness correction and playback optimization. A well mastered song is as loud as it can be, without...

How To Start Music Production – A Complete Guide

how to start music production
Here's a quick list of the things you'll need to start music production: ComputerDAW (Ableton, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools)HeadphonesMidi controller/keyboardAudio InterfaceMonitors Making music is an incredibly fun and rewarding way to exercise your creativity.

What Is Sidechain Compression? + 6 Sidechain Tips For A Better Mix

sidechain compression
Q: What Is Sidechain Compression? A: Sidechain compression is an effect that's used to make a channel's audio duck out of the way of another, incoming audio signal (sidechain input). For instance, let's say we were going to use...