How To Write Chords Like Sam Gellaitry [Sprinkles Breakdown]

how to write chords like sam gellaitry
So, like many producers out there, I've always wondered how to write chords like Sam Gellaitry. And, after years of trying, I've finally developed a good enough ear to transpose a lot of his arrangements, chords & melodies.

How To Get More Plays on Soundcloud [#1 Tested Strategies That Work]

how to get more plays on soundcloud
Here's a quick list of strategies that will help you get your SoundCloud music heard: Contact 10 new producers via DM daily, with meaningful, non copy & paste messages.Use Repost Chains & Repost trading.Contact blogs & YouTube promotion...

DIY Music Marketing – Start Generating Success As An Independent Artist

diy music marketing techniques that work
As an artist in today's music industry, it's vital to understand the use of DIY Music Marketing. It can often seem impossible to get fans that actually care about what you do. Especially without...