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Here you’ll find all our tutorials specific to music production. Wanna learn to sound design, mix & master your own music? You’ll find all of that and more, on this page.

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remove background noise blue snowball

How To Reduce Background Noise On A Blue Snowball (Solved)

The Blue Snowball microphone is an extremely intuitive and easy to use beginner microphone. While the Snowball is great for video makers, streaming as well as musicians, it struggles in environments with background noise So if you’ve just bought your Blue Snowball and want to know how to reduce background noise, we’ll go over the

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How To Write Chords Like 53 Thieves – What You Do To Me Dissection

53 Thieves make some beautiful sounding chords and music, and they’ve been taking the music world by storm pretty recently. They have an incredible chill sound that takes influence from all kinds of future bass, but manages to wrap it up in a nice R&B style package. In this article we’re going to cover exactly

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what is audio saturation

What Is Audio Saturation? (Explained)

One of the most popular effects in recent times, saturation is everywhere but, unfortunately, not many people understand it. This article will explain what saturation is as well as the different types of saturation. We’ll also run through some awesome tips and tricks, so you can saturate your audio with confidence. What Is Saturation In

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how to install vital presets

How To Install Vital Presets in Under 3 Minutes

So you’ve just got your shiny, new, free copy of Vital and you want to install some presets. In this article, we’re going to show you exactly how to install, and manage your preset banks in Vital, on both Windows and Mac. Here’s how you can install Vital preset packs quickly: Open the 3 line

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How To Fix Muddy Bass (Solved in 5 Simple Steps)

Here’s how you can fix a muddy bass: Bass is muddy due to low-end frequencies between 0-40Hz. Other instruments can clash with bass, because even high frequency sounds contain low-end information. To fix a muddy bass, use high pass filtering to remove the 0-40Hz range from other tracks that don’t need it. This will make

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mixing sub bass

Sub Bass Mixing – 6 Tips To Get Your Mix Car Ready

Mixing sub bass can be difficult to master. It can sound good in your headphones, but when you play it in speakers, your phone or the car – it just sounds muddy and lost. In this post I’m gonna share with you 5 juicy tips to improve your sub bass mixing. I use these on

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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