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izotope vs tg mastering chain

Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain vs iZotope Ozone (Which Is Best)

Abbey Road TG Mastering chain is great for Rock & more Acoustic, instrument based genres. Ozone can do it all. You get clean, digital masters, and warm analog masters. You can do way more with Ozone, and it sounds more hi-fi, than the Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain. Mastering can feel like a dark art

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gullfloss vs soothe

Is Gullfloss The Same As Soothe? (Detailed Explanation Included)

Gullfoss and Soothe 2 are quite different effects. Gullfoss tames, brightens, or restores frequencies across your spectrum. While, Soothe 2 is designed specifically for resonance suppression, and removing unwanted, nasty-sounding frequencies from your audio. In a time, where “betterizer” plugins are becoming more and more popular, it can start to be increasingly difficult, to tell

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Sonarworks Sound ID Reference Review

Cons ❌ If you don’t have a set profile for your speakers, switching between monitors and headphones can be annoying Pros ✅ Speaker and headphone calibration ✅ Over 280 pre-trained headphone models ✅ Clean and Re-sizeable GUI ✅ Custom Target EQ ✅ Referencing Sound Profiles ✅ Zero-Latency, Linear Phase and Mixed modes ✅ Standalone app,

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best lofi sample packs

The 11 Best Lofi Sample Packs (2021) [Free Downloads Included]

From rain hitting your windows, to study beats, lo-fi has become one of the most popular genres of music in recent years, and for good reason. Lo-Fi is the musical equivalent of relaxation, and it’s very fun to make as well! So to get you on the path to creating your first Lo-Fi tracks, in

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oeksound soothe 2 review

Oeksound Soothe 2 Review – An Essential Mixing Tool

Cons ❌ iLok authenticated. Pros ✅ Cleans up audio, quickly without introducing artefacts ✅ Great for taming those frequencies that hurt the ears ✅ Fantastic stereo section for use in mid only, or sides only ✅ Ability to solo specific bands and switch the listening mode to hear what you’re taking away ✅ Beautiful UI,

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izotope vs fabfilter

iZotope vs FabFilter (Which Is Best)?

FabFilter’s mixing suite offers insane precision with incredible mixing plugins such as Pro-Q 3 and Pro-C 2 being found in professional studios around the world. iZotope’s Production Suite 4 features a fantastic, all-in-one plugin, that covers all your production needs for post production. Both iZotope and FabFilter are extremely well known names in the music

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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