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scaler 2 vs captain chords

Scaler 2 Vs Captain Chords (Which Is Better)

Scaler 2 Captain Chords Built in Instruments 33 Sampled Instruments 150+ Sampled Instruments Drag & Drop Midi ✅ ✅ Note Editing ✅ ❌ Scale & Chord Detection Audio and Midi Detection MIDI Detection Only Price $49 $79 (Includes Captain Chords, Deep and Melody) Free Trial ✅ No trial, but a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Here’s a

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rapid synth review

Parawave Rapid Synth Review

Buying a new synth can be a minefield now. There’s so many synths out there that are great, and it’s honestly really hard to decide which is best for you. In this article, we’re going to review Parawave’s Rapid Synth, put it to the test, and compare it to some other synths available on the

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phase plant vs serum

Phase Plant Vs Serum ( What Are The Differences)

Serum is a 2-oscillator wavetable synthesizer with 450+ Presets and 150 Wavetable + impressive functionality, filters and effects. Serum has been lauded as the best overall synthesiser ever made. Phase Plant is a semi-modular synth, with wavetable, sample, analog & FM capabilities. They are available with a monthly subscription, or can be bought instantly for

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best serum presets

The Best Serum Presets Ever (Paid & Free)

Here are the ultimate Serum Preset packs in 2021: Limitless Bundle by MDK Unison by Echo Sound Works (Free) Future Bounce 2 by Surge Sounds Melodic Dubstep 2 by Surge Sounds Drip Sauce by Production Master Patchworx – Synthwave Serum Presets by Loopmaster Pumped: Serum Lo-Fi Hip Hop Essentials by W.A Production Haze LoFi presets

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dragon fire review denise audio

Denise Audio Dragon Fire Review

Cons ❌ Preset browser is folder based, rather than built in. ❌ No initialise button Pros ✅ Tonal compression, EQ before, and after compression EQ all in one. ✅ Push/Pull feature, allowing for natural compression that doesn’t ruin the tonal balance of your sound. For instance, 100% pull will add no additional frequencies to the

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ditto vs distrokid

Ditto vs Distrokid (Which Is Better?) – What We Learned From Using Both

Both Ditto and Distrokid are platforms that have their advantages and drawbacks. Distrokid and Ditto have identical pricing of $19.99/year for unlimited uploads and take 0% commission. Distrokid is Spotify’s preferred distributor. They offer things like verified profile, split payments and unlimited releases, but don’t collecting publishing royalties. Ditto aren’t Spotify preferred and don’t verify

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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