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free harp vst plugins

The Best Free Harp VSTs & Libraries

Here is the complete list of the best free harp VST’s and sample libraries: St. David’s Harp Hollow Sun Versilian Studios Etherealwinds Harp II DAT: Microharpv Decent Samples: Bowed Nagoya Harp Sonatina Symphony Orchestra Harp DSK Music: DSK World StringZ In this article we’ll cover the best free harp VSTs & sample libraries around. If

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free 808 vst plugins

Free 808 VST Instruments & Sample Libraries (With Sound Examples)

Here are the the best FREE 808 VST Plugins available: XSUB 808 TS-808 by Tactile Sounds X-Eight Lite by Thenatan HUM808 by Callybeat Beat DRMR BD-808 A good 808 library or VST is something every producer should have, but finding good free stuff can always be tricky. In this article we’re going to cover the

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Scarlett solo 1st vs 2nd vs 3rd generation interface

Scarlett Solo 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen vs 3rd Gen (Which Is Best?)

Probably the most popular interfaces ever made, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and Solo interfaces have gone through 3 iterations over the years. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade, or buying a new interface, we’ll try to explain all the differences between the 3 generations of Scarlett interfaces as best we can. Scarlett Solo 1st Gen

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fabfilter pro c2 vs smart comp

Sonible smart:comp vs Fab Filter Pro C2 (Which Is Better?)

Sonible smart:comp is a smart compressor plugin, that uses frequency-dependent processing, to create well-balanced and transparent compression. FabFilter’s Pro-C2 is a powerhouse compression tool, with eight compression styles, from a classic compressor, vocal compressor, to a mastering compressor and more. Sonible smart:comp FabFilter Pro-C2 AI Compression ✅ ❌ Trial FREE 30-Day Trial ❌ Auto-Gain ✅

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best electric guitar vst plugins

The Best Electric Guitar VSTs in 2021

Here’s the complete list of the best electric guitar VSTs available: Shreddage 3 – Impact Sound Works AmpleSounds Ample Guitar G II Spitfire Audio – Ambient Guitars Wavesfactory Strum Guitar Heavyocity Scoring Guitars 2 Electri6ity Sonivox Bright Electric Guitar Native Instruments Session Guitarist – Electric Sunburst Music Lab RealEight Peel Guitar from Spitfire Audio (FREE)

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best vst plugins

The 50 Best VST Plugins Available in 2021

There are so many VSTs on the market, it can be difficult to sift through the noise and find the plugins that are actually going to help you make music – not waste your hard earned cash. That’s why we devised a list (with neat category headings) of 50 of the best VST plugins available

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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