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free standalone guitar amp vst plugins

20 Best Free Standalone / VST Guitar Amp Simulators (2021) – PC & Mac

If you’re a music producer who plays guitar, or a guitarist with annoying neighbours, guitar amp simulators are a must. While they’re meant for guitars, all amp sims can be used as production effects, for distortion, saturation etc. They can help to make your sound design better, your guitars sound awesome, and are in general,

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best free eq plugins

The 10 Best Free EQ Plugins Available in 2021

If you don’t want your mixes to sound terrible, a great EQ plugin is necessary for your music production toolkit. Annoyingly, some of the best EQ plugins are gonna set you back a fair bit of cash. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some great software for free! In this article, we’re going

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best noise gate plugins

The 6 Best Noise Gate Plugins Ever – 2021

Here are the best noise gate plugins in 2021: FabFilter Pro-G Boz Digital Labs Gatey Watey Waves C1 Compressor/Gate Infected Mushroom Gatekeeper kiloHearts Gate AlexHilton A1TriggerGate (FREE) If you’ve ever dealt with unpleasant hiss or hum in your audio, don’t feel alone, you’re not the first, or the last person experiencing this. Getting rid of

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free serum skins

20 of The Best Free Serum Skins Ever

Xfer’s Serum is probably the most popular VST instrument for sound design. Whether you want to make rough bass sounds, or quick pluck sounds, Serum is perfect for that. The GUI of Serum can start to look a bit dated, so producers have enjoyed using the serum skins feature, to get fresh inspiration from a

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free ableton project files

The 30 Best Free Ableton Project Files / Templates Ever

Ableton Live is one of the best DAW’s on the market. It’s used by everyone from big time producers, to small, bedroom EDM artists. Sometimes you want to see how a certain song or genre is made, and want to learn from others work. Ableton Live allows for easy project sharing, so the amount of

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free transient shaper plugins

The 5 Best Free Transient Shaper Plugins Ever

Here our are favourite free transient shaper VST plugins: Auburn Sounds Couture Sound Anomaly Transpire Flux Bittersweet v3 Sleepy-Time Transient Ableton Transient Shaper Whatever genre of music you’re making, transient shaping plugins are extremely important to helping form a balanced mix. They can help to make your mix elements pop and stand out, and are

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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