10 Best Compressor Plugins for Any Mix Situation

best compressor vst plugins 2020
Here is our condensed list of the best compressor VST plugins available (2021): Fabfilter Pro-C 2Softube FET CompressorArturia Tube STATube-Tech by SoftubeUAD LA-2AUAD SSL 4000 G Bus CompressorSonible smart:compXfer OTTGRIP Valve Drive CompressorSummit TLA-100A Finding...

What Is Music Production? – Everything You Need To Know

what is music production
Q: What is Music Production? By the traditional definition, a music producer is someone who oversees, manages, and guides the process of producing and recording a song. In recent years, that definition has changed a bit & now incorporates...

9 Best Studio Headphones for Music Production – Updated 2021

best studio headphones
Here's our list of the best studio headphones in 2021: Sennheiser HD-206 Studio HeadphonesBeyerdynamic DT-990 ProSony MDR-7506Audio Technica ATH M50XFocal Listen ProfessionalSennheiser HD-600Beyerdynamic DT-1770 ProUltrasone Performance 880Sennheiser Hd-800 S Whether you're a beatmaker, a singer...