How To Write Nostalgic Chord Progressions & Common Chord Progressions You Can Already Use!

nostalgic chord progessions

Creating a chord progression is a great way to kickstart your songwriting. A good chord progression helps give an overall feel for your track and can generate catchy melodies. Sometimes, you may want a chord progression that creates a specific feeling or emotion and in this article, we’re going to cover nostalgic chord progressions. We’ll … Read more

How To Use AutoTune in GarageBand (Pitch Correction) – 5 Easy Steps

Autotune is an extremely popular effect that is commonly used to pitch correct vocal performances that are out of key, or slightly flat. It can be used as a natural effect for natural-sounding vocals, or as a hard-tuned effect for more Hip Hop & Rap style autotune. In this article, we’re going to show you … Read more

Mixing Vocals on an Already Mastered Instrumental (Tutorial)

mixing vocals on a mastered instrumental

If you’ve ever mixed music for other people, you’re bound to run into musicians recording vocals on pre-mastered instrumentals. What do you do at this point? Well, certainly there are things you can do to fit an unmixed vocal to a mastered instrumental. Keep in mind though, that this should only be your last resort. … Read more