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Plugin Boutique are at it again, with their stonkingly good plugin deals. This month with their monthly free giveaway, they're offering Applied Accoustics Systems, Objeq Delay with any purchase until the end of this month.

There are a lot of wicked deals over on Plugin Boutique this month, including up to 90% OFF the iZotope range. And, you can use these offers to qualify for this promotion. There's no spend amount you have to reach to qualify, so if you can find something for $0.50, you'll qualify.

Just to put this deal into perspective, Objeq Delay usually retails for $139.

This deal is also running alongside the WA Production Pumper 3. You can choose from either Objeq Delay and WA Production Pumper when checking out at Plugin Boutique. WA Production Pumper is usually worth $39.

It's obviously up to you what you get, but the Objeq Delay is the clear winner out of the 2 free plugins for giveaway this month. And, that's not just because of the price. If you're into production you'll know that, AAS make some of the most incredible plugins on the market.

What Is AAS Objeq Delay?

Objeq Delay is a creative delay unit with some of the most unique filtering options you'll find on a delay unit. It's not your usual delay with all the usual ping pong, time controls & filter – Objeq Delay it opens up a different world of musical delay.

It's a more musically based delay plugin & uses a very similar approach to the Chromaphone. Chromaphone's create their sound by combining a simulation of 2 resonators. These resonators include strings, plates, membranes & more – it's similar to the corpus plugin found in Ableton.

The Objeq Delay takes a very similar approach to the Chromaphone, but only includes 1 resonator, and also allows you to apply crazy, warping, modulating delays to it.

That means you can run your audio into this resonator, add some musical spice to your signal and then also add a delay on top of everything, including modulation, echoes, filters etc.

If you don't understand anything you just read, don't worry…

They've also got a tonne of presets included to choose from (over 250). One of the most interesting presets are the Kick and Snare track enhancers. The prime objeq of these (get it?) is to bring your Kick and Snare forward in the mix & add that bit of extra presence their missing.

You can get some pretty wild, resonant results that sound awesome.

There are also some great drone presets, which can be used to turn any piece of audio into a completely unrecognisable drone sound, pad, or even an underlying ambience in your song.

What Controls You Get

With Objeq Delay you get:

  • 1 Resonator – choose from beam, drumhead and string objects to inject resonance into your delay. Change the material, decay, formant shift it, change the frequency. If you've ever used corpus in Ableton, you'll know how cool these objects can sound.
  • LFO Modulation – choose from flangers, chorus, auto-filters & other modulation effects.
  • Filter Types – high-cut and low-cut filters, with 1, 2 and 4-pole modes. This determines how harsh your filters are.
  • Mixer Module – balance your delay signal with the original signal… pretty straightforward stuff.

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