Where To Find The Best Black Friday VST Deals (2021)

With the holiday season approaching fast, it's time to get ready for the Black Friday VST deals. In this article we'll be covering everything you need to know about the juicy audio plugin sale, and where you can find the best VST deals.

Here are the best sources to find Black Friday VST deals:

1. Whipped Cream Sounds

whipped cream sounds

Whipped Cream Sounds is going to be the most up-to-date place for all the Black Friday VST deals, samples, audio plugins and more! Every year they spend a huge deal of time scouring the internet for the best plugin deals available during the period.

And they put them all into a neat list, in a table, with a search function, and tags so you can easily navigate it.

The best part about it all is, if you wanted to search for ‘reverbs', all the ‘reverbs' would come up. If you wanted to search for specific brands, they would come up too!

You can expect updates every single hour during the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas period, with new audio plugin deals being added, with dates ending so you know exactly how much time you have, how much of a saving there is, and where you can grab the deals.

They also consistently update their mailing list and post the best deals in the Facebook group.

So, to stay informed throughout the sales period, we strongly recommend you check out the plugin list page, bookmark it, or join the Facebook group/mailing list.

Whipped Cream Sounds also has an extensive tutorial section on their website, offering beginner – advanced sound design tutorials, music theory info, marketing plans, and are a phenomenal resource for music producers looking to expand their knowledge for free!

2. Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique are the biggest plugin retailer about, and they're always updating their catalog with new deals, and incredible audio plugin savings.

All of the best deals throughout the Black Friday period will be found over here.

You should also consider setting up an account with them before the sales start. They offer some awesome bonuses, like:

  • Virtual cash back on purchases
  • Tokens
  • & exclusive discounts for signed up users.

Plugin Boutique are also consistently offering jaw dropping deals all-year-round, even teaming up with big plugin developers to give away freebies each month, and drop huge giveaways a lot of the time.

3. Audio Plugin Deals

audio plugin deals

Audio Plugin Deals is another plugin retailer that's dedicated to finding the best deals, and offering them to music producers.

And, around the Black Friday period, they're going to be offering a tonne of musical software goodies, for an absolute steal!

Comparing the deals on value for money, it would appear that, on the surface, Audio Plugin Deals provide better savings than Plugin Boutique. However, if you take a look at the deals, they're not always on well-known plugin brands, and they only last a maximum of 2 weeks.

It's a fantastic site to periodically check throughout the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas sales, to pick up some extra plugins for a bargain.

They usually offer 5 deals every 2 weeks.

And, they do this all year round. So, it's not just a Black Friday thing! You can check Audio Plugin Deals at any time during the year, and you'll find some pretty great savings.

They work by using 2 sections of the website. One part is the ‘deals' section and is where… you guessed it, you'll find all the deals! The other is a shop section, where they sell a number of plugins from different developers.

APD also have an incredibly useful blog and YouTube channel too!

4. r/AudioProductionDeals

audio production deals

Audio Production Deals is a Subreddit dedicated to posting the best VST deals throughout the year, and they're one of the best sources for information around the Black Friday period. Whenever a new Black Friday deal surfaces, it will be posted there straight away.

Plugin developers also have access to post in the Subreddit without any approval, so as soon as the Plugin developer is starting a sale, they'll be posting it in r/AudioProductionDeals right away!

Throughout the Black Friday period there will be tonnes of sales, and the best always get upvoted to the top, so it's a great place to see the most useful deals.

However, it's quite difficult to navigate through and find the deals that others might not think are good. So, if you're looking for less-known plugin developers, then it'll be hard to find these deals.

If you don't mind sifting through a couple Reddit pages then it's fine!

But something like a list, with a search function is much easier to navigate all the VST deals.

Finishing Up

With the Black Friday VST deals creeping up on us, it's important to be prepared so you can make the most out of the incredible savings on offer.

Staying informed is one of the biggest things you need to get down, because there's so much going on, it can be difficult to find it all.

This article will help you do just that! But, if you need a little more help, check out our other Black Friday articles.

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