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Best Way To Learn Sound Design: 10 Resources That Will Up Your Game

best way to learn sound design
Looking for the best way to learn sound design can be an overwhelming task and can often leave people stuck not knowing what to do, so they give up. We've been there countless times and it sucks... we know your pain.

HOW TO FINISH A SONG: 6 Productivity Hacks

how to finish a song
If you're stuck finishing a track and have taken to google to search: "how to finish a song", then you're in the right place. Finishing tracks is one of the biggest problems we see in producers of all skill...

How To Release Music Independently: The Ultimate Guide

how to release music independently
How to release music independently, the checklist: Get your artist profiles setup!Get set up with a music distributor that suits your needs. (we recommend Ditto)Sign up to PRS to collect all your royalties from radio play...