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How To Compress Bass To Sound Better – Tips for Deep, Solid Low End

how to compress bass
If you produce Electronic music, or work with electronic bass at all, you know the importance of it. Without a solid low-end, your tracks can easily start sounding thin, and lose energy and dynamics. So how...

How To Make A UK Bassline Synth Patch [Learn Sound Design Easily]

how to make uk bassline synth patch
Recently I had a lesson with one of my 1:1 students, & he asked me to dissect how UK bass sounds are made. I was delighted to open up Serum and put the pieces of the puzzle together, and...

How To Write Chords Like Sam Gellaitry [Sprinkles Breakdown]

how to write chords like sam gellaitry
So, like many producers out there, I've always wondered how to write chords like Sam Gellaitry. And, after years of trying, I've finally developed a good enough ear to transpose a lot of his arrangements, chords & melodies.