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sidechain compression

6 Expert, Sidechain Compression Tips For Pristine Mixes

What Is Sidechain Compression? Sidechain compression is an effect that’s used to make a channel’s audio duck out of the way of another, incoming audio signal (sidechain input). Let’s say we were going to use a Kick Drum as the sidechain source. The only time the compressor would apply compression is when the Kick Drum

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what is compression in music

What Is Compression in Music? (Explained With Examples)

What Is Audio Compression? Audio compression is the process of reducing your audio’s dynamic range. By reducing the dynamic range, you even out the loudest & quietest parts of an audio signal, giving a ‘glued’/’squashed’ sound. Take a vocal track, for instance. Vocalists often have a huge dynamic range, & can go from extremely quiet

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best music distribution

12 of The Best Music Distribution Services in 2021

Where Can I Distribute My Music? Here are the 12 best music distribution companies you can distribute your music with: Ditto Distrokid Landr CD Baby Repost Network AWAL STEM Symphonic Fresh Tunes Amuse Reverb Nation TuneCore An essential part of releasing music in today’s industry, is finding a great distribution service, so how do you

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remove resonant frequencies

Remove Resonant Frequencies – Pinpoint Resonance & Clear Up Your Mix

Want to know how to remove those pesky resonant frequencies that are clouding up your beautiful mix? In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know to start removing resonant frequencies &, as a result, get cleaner sounding mixes. How To Find & Remove Resonant Frequencies (Quick Step Guide) Turn the Q

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what is soft clipping

Soft Clipping: Explained + How To Use It [Music Production]

Soft clipping is a type of distortion that saturates an audio signal, rounding off the peaks that pass 0db. This is different to hard clipping, which cuts the peaks that pass 0db off in a straight line, square wave fashion. By using soft clipping on audio, you get more of a analog & warm distortion

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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