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what is compression in music

What Is Compression in Music? (Explained With Examples)

What Is Audio Compression? Audio compression is the process of reducing your audio’s dynamic range. By reducing the dynamic range, you even out the loudest & quietest parts of an audio signal, giving a ‘glued’/’squashed’ sound. Take a vocal track, for instance. Vocalists often have a huge dynamic range, & can go from extremely quiet

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what are transients in music

What Are Transients in Music & Why Are They Important? (Explained)

In the world of audio engineering & music production, there are a lot of terminologies you need to understand. While your ears are the most important thing to train, you won’t be able to communicate with other engineers what you want, if you don’t fully get a grasp of audio terminology. In this article, we’re

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how to arrange songs

How To Arrange A Song For Mixing – 7 Tips From An Industry Pro

This article is from Max Rayden. Max has his own mixing, mastering, and production studio Major Mixing. He has been working as a sound engineer and musician for more than 10 years, has mixed and mastered hundreds of songs of different styles and genres. In this article, Max will share with you some tips that

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E flat major chord scale

Eb Major Chord Scale, Chords in The Key of E Flat Major

The Eb major chord scale is a set of chords that are all in the E flat major key, and is a perfect scale to invoke emotions like cruelty & hardship. This post will go over the Eb major chord scale, how it differs from other scales, and why musicians need to know this information.

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c sharp minor chord scale chords in the key of c# minor

C# Minor Chord Scale, Chords in The Key of C Sharp Minor

The C# minor chord scale is an obscure, and sad sounding progression of chords, thats’ in the key of C# minor. This post will go over the C sharp minor chord scale, how it differs from other scales, and why musicians need to know this information. Highly recommended: check out our Piano Chord Poster – there’s over

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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