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Here you’ll find all our tutorials specific to music production. Wanna learn to sound design, mix & master your own music? You’ll find all of that and more, on this page.

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what is soft clipping

Soft Clipping: Explained + How To Use It [Music Production]

Soft clipping is a type of distortion that saturates an audio signal, rounding off the peaks that pass 0db. This is different to hard clipping, which cuts the peaks that pass 0db off in a straight line, square wave fashion. By using soft clipping on audio, you get more of a analog & warm distortion

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how to write chords like sam gellaitry

How To Write Chords Like Sam Gellaitry [Sprinkles Breakdown]

So, like many producers out there, I’ve always wondered how to write chords like Sam Gellaitry. And, after years of trying, I’ve finally developed a good enough ear to transpose a lot of his arrangements, chords & melodies. I wanted to share my all time favourite today – Sprinkles. Btw, I’ve done a lot of

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how to finish a song

HOW TO FINISH A SONG: 6 Productivity Hacks

If you’re stuck finishing a track and have taken to google to search: “how to finish a song”, then you’re in the right place. Finishing tracks is one of the biggest problems we see in producers of all skill levels and, it can be frustrating staring at your computer screen, listening to the same 8

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how to release music independently

How To Release Music Independently: The Ultimate Guide

How to release music independently, the checklist: Get your artist profiles setup! Get set up with a music distributor that suits your needs. (we recommend Distrokid) Sign up to PRS to collect all your royalties from radio play etc. Make sure you’re happy with your final mix & master. Devise a marketing plan that captivates

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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