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Here you’ll find all our tutorials specific to music production. Wanna learn to sound design, mix & master your own music? You’ll find all of that and more, on this page.

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what is eq in music

What Is EQ in Music? Everything You Need To Know

What Is EQ or Equalization In Music? EQ or Equalization in music is the process of altering the balance of an entire sounds frequencies. Equalization is a vital process in mixing, think of it as the chisel of the sound world – you are the sculptor that can use it to shape your sound any

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sam gellaitry ever after MIDI download & chord dissection

Sam Gellaitry – Ever After [Chord Dissection & MIDI Download]

Like most producers, I’ve always wondered how Sam Gelliatry write his chords. Since The first release of Escapism I, Sam G has rocked the world with a new blend of trap, jazz & funk, that’s incredibly fresh & new to the electronic music scene. And, like you, I’ve been dying to find out how he

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music production workflow tips

7 Music Production Workflow Tips – Slice Through Sessions Like Butter

Here are 7 tips that will speed up your music production workflow: Organisation of sample packs, plugins, custom effect racks. Separate your music making, mixing & sound design into different sessions. Create DAW templates for the genre, or purpose of your music production session. Build a pool of reference tracks you can get inspired from.

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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