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Here you’ll find all our tutorials specific to music production. Wanna learn to sound design, mix & master your own music? You’ll find all of that and more, on this page.

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synthwave bass tutorial

How To Make A Synthwave Bass From Scratch Using Free Synth Vital

So you’ve been on the Synthwave wave, and want to make a beautiful sounding 80s style bass. In this tutorial we’re gonna show you exactly how you can make a Synthwave Bass using a free synth VST plugin called Vital. If you haven’t got vital yet, it’s basically a free version of Xfer Serum. Not

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audio spectrum explained

Audio Spectrum Explained With Diagrams & Examples

Here’s are the 8 audio spectrum frequency ranges: Mud 0-20Hz Sub Bass 20-60Hz Bass 60-250Hz Low Mids 250-500Hz Midrange 500Hz-2kHz High Mids 2kHz-4kHz Presence 4kHZ-6kHz Air 6kHz – 20kHz What Is The Audio Spectrum? The Audio Spectrum is the range of frequencies which humans can hear. This ranges from 20Hz to 20,000 Hz. This spectrum

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how loud should my mix be

How Loud Should My Mix Be? Simple Steps for A Pro Mix

Mix loudness varies on a case by case basis, but most mastering engineers recommend around -6dB Peak loudness, with an average of -18 LUFS integrated. While we’re on topic, check out our article all about: how loud your master should be. How Loud Should My Track Be Before Mastering? If you want to send your

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how loud should my master be

How Loud Should My Master Be? Simple Steps To A Pro Mastering Sound

The best mastering settings are -14 LUFS integrated loudness, with -0.2dBFS True Peak, and a minimum 6dB of dynamic range. This can vary between streaming services, but -14LUFS will have you covered for the most popular services like, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc. If you want a professional mix and master, check out our mixing

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how to use ableton erosion

Ableton Erosion – How To Use It To Enhance Mixes, & Sound Design

Ableton Erosion is a stock plugin included with a copy of Live, that distorts your audio signal by modulating a short delay with a filtered noise, or a sine wave. This creates a digital sounding distortion, which sounds a lot like a bitcrusher. Erosion has 3 different modulation modes: Noise – this modulates the audio

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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