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Here are all our free downloads.

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Purple Slush Lofi

350+ royalty free Lo-Fi melodies, FX, Drums & Serum Presets!

Extra Scoop - Free Foley Pack

260+ unique foley textures, one shots & sounds inside!

Music Marketing E-Book

Our 50 page E-Book all about music marketing!

Compressor Cheat Sheet

A beautifully designed graphic with all the basic compressor info you need!

EQ Cheat Sheet

A beautifully designed grpahic including everything you need to know about EQ.

Redd Velvet

39 Hyperpop melodies, with stems & Serum Presets inspired by Trippie Redd

Piano Chord Cheat Sheet

Major, minor, dim, aug, 7ths & 6th chords neatly laid out in a beautifully designed graphic.

Medasin MIDI & Serum Presets

Medasin – Daydream MIDI, with Serum presets included!

Mr Carmack - At Night MIDI

Free Mr Carmack MIDI & Hi-Res scale & chord graphics!

53 Thieves MIDI & Preset

Free 53 Thieves MIDI, and Serum preset!

Purple Slush Serum Presets

25 expertly crafted lofi Serum presets for  beatmaking or sound design.

Exotic Piano Scales Chart

10 Exotic scales in each key. That’s over 70 scales to create melodies from. 

Drum Mixing EQ Guide

Our drum mixing EQ cheat sheet!

Synthwave Vital Presets & MIDI

Free Synthwave Presets for Vital, with all the MIDI from the tutorial

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