TBProAudio – ISOL8 Mastering EQ available for FREE

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TBProAudio have long since been known for their awesome and unique mixing and mastering utilities. The only FREE plugin they currently offer is the amazing ISOL8

ISOL8 is a FREE advanced mix monitoring plugin, available for both Windows and Mac, in VST, VST3, AU, AAX and RTAS formats.

This 5 band monitoring utility is extremely helpful during mixing and mastering, to monitor the frequency balance of your master bus.

What does ISOL8 do?

isol8 eq free

TBProAudio’s amazing ISOL8 plugin is essentially a Filter device. It divides your frequency range into 5 bands – lows, Low mids, Mids, High Mids and Highs.

Every one of the 5 bands can be soloed or muted individually, to help you focus on specific frequency ranges during mixing and mastering.

All 5 frequency bands have separate crossover controls to adjust your filter band ranges more accurately. You can also adjust your cutoff slope, to either 12dB/oct or 24dB/oct.

At it’s core, ISOL8 can be compared to a multi-band compressor that’s capable of muting and soloing frequency bands. Unlike a multi-band compressor however, ISOL8 uses a Linkwitz-Riley Crossover filter design.

These types of filters are usually more suitable for the exact purpose of targeting specific parts of your signal.

Being able to hear your master bus separated into lows, mids and highs can be extremely useful when trying to diagnose problematic frequency ranges.

Along with referencing, ISOL8 can also be used as a splitter utility. Imagine you have a busy drum bus… with ISOL8, you can split the entire drum channel into separate frequency bands and then process them differently. This gives you even more in-depth control of your frequencies.

While ISOL8 was made for use on the master bus, it can also be utilized on individual instruments as well as groups. The low CPU usage means you can also use this as a simple filter, but it’s probably not the most streamlined solution for this purpose.

Compatibility & Install

ISOL8 is available to download for free on the TBProAudio website. There isn’t a signup necessary, and downloading the .exe is very simple.

ISOL8 is available in 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX/RTAS plugin formats for Windows & Mac.

For users who don’t utilize the default plugin folder, the installer can be a bit tricky. It doesn’t give a choice in install location, so you’ll have to move your .dll to the right plugin folder.


  • 5 adjustable frequency bands
  • Solo/mute function for each band individually
  • Linkwitz-Riley crossover filter design
  • 24/48dB/Oct filter slope
  • Multiple filter channel modes (Stereo/Left/Right/Mid/Side)
  • Multiple monitor modes (Stereo/Left/Right/Mid/Side)
  • In-place or centered monitoring
  • Adjustable output level
  • Loudness dim function
  • Keyboard control
  • Multi channel split
  • Large and easy to use GUI
  • Scalable GUI
  • 64-bit internal processing
  • free of charge

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