Mixing Vocals on an Already Mastered Instrumental (Tutorial)

mixing vocals on a mastered instrumental

If you’ve ever mixed music for other people, you’re bound to run into musicians recording vocals on pre-mastered instrumentals. What do you do at this point? Well, certainly there are things you can do to fit an unmixed vocal to a mastered instrumental. Keep in mind though, that this should only be your last resort. … Read more

OVOX vs iZotope VocalSynth 2 (Which is Better?)

waves ovox vs vocalsynth2

Vocals are the instrument that everyone has at all times. Unless you’re a trained vocalist, however, you probably don’t have the best grasp on your singing, or understand how to use it in a musical sense. This is where vocal effects come in. With tools like vocoders, talkboxes and more, musicians (like Daft Punk & … Read more