What Is Audio Saturation? (Explained)

what is audio saturation

One of the most popular effects in recent times, saturation is everywhere but, unfortunately, not many people understand it. This article will explain what saturation is as well as the different types of saturation. We’ll also run through some awesome tips and tricks, so you can saturate your audio with confidence. What Is Saturation In … Read more

How To Fix Muddy Bass (Solved in 5 Simple Steps)

Here’s how you can fix a muddy bass: Nailing your Low-End is often the toughest part of the production process that mixing and mastering engineers have to nail. Especially for beginners, getting good bass balance, while retaining energy and thickness, can feel nearly impossible. So how do the pro’s do it? In this article, we’re … Read more

How To Make A Synthwave Bass From Scratch Using Free Synth Vital

synthwave bass tutorial

So you’ve been on the Synthwave wave, and want to make a beautiful sounding 80s style bass. In this tutorial we’re gonna show you exactly how you can make a Synthwave Bass using a free synth VST plugin called Vital. If you haven’t got vital yet, it’s basically a free version of Xfer Serum. Not … Read more

Audio Spectrum Explained With Diagrams & Examples

audio spectrum explained

Here’s are the 8 audio spectrum frequency ranges: Mud 0-20Hz Sub Bass 20-60Hz Bass 60-250Hz Low Mids 250-500Hz Midrange 500Hz-2kHz High Mids 2kHz-4kHz Presence 4kHZ-6kHz Air 6kHz – 20kHz What Is The Audio Spectrum? The Audio Spectrum is the range of frequencies which humans can hear. This ranges from 20Hz to 20,000 Hz. This spectrum … Read more