Free Saturation VST Plugins

best free saturation vst plugins

Saturation is an essential music production tool. It’s one of the most useful audio effects you can use to add character and warmth to your sounds. You can use saturation on anything from Snares to make them pop more, to Bass lines that need a little extra oomph. Saturation is great in a mixing scenario, … Read more

Loopcloud vs Splice – Which Is Better? [An Honest Review]

loopcloud vs splice

Buying sample packs can get expensive, can clog up your hard drive space, and sometimes you don’t even end up liking the sounds you bought! It’s frustrating! This is why cloud based sample services like Loopcloud & Splice were created. Cloud based sample services are great, and work using a credit-based system. You can use … Read more

The Best Free Delay Plugins Ever (Updated 2022)

best free delay vst plugins

Delay is an essential tool in a music producer’s VST plugin arsenal. Delay is responsible for creating space, and an almost echo like effect when applied to your sounds. It’s a fantastic sound design tool, and especially great to use when creating things like build-ups, or when you just want a bit of ambience in … Read more

12 of The Best Synth VST Plugins in 2022

best vst synth plugins 2020

There are so many synth VSTs on the market, so which is the best? In this article, we’re going to answer that question, with our comprehensive list of the twelve best software synths available now. Synth VST plugins are a must have for music producers, and although you’ll get by with stock plugins, where your … Read more

The 6 Best Noise Reduction Plugins (And 6 Best Free VSTs)

best noise reduction plugins free & paid

Noise reduction plugins are essential if you want clean audio. They should always be a part of a music producer’s toolkit but should be the last resort in the post-production phase. Getting a good recording is the single most important thing to ensure clean audio, but sometimes it’s not always possible – especially if you’re … Read more

“There was an error when closing the file” Ableton (Fixed)

there was an error closing the file fixed ableton

Ableton is a fantastic DAW, and when it works, you can create some incredible music, design some phenomenal sounds, and create stellar live sets for performance, or DJ’ing etc. However, if you’re reading this, you’re encountering the “there was an error when closing the file”, which means you’re probably feeling frustrated, and want to just … Read more