The 4 Best Open Source DAWs To Record & Create Music With

best open source daws

Open source DAWs can be a great option for people who love to get “under the hood” of their software. But with so many free open-source DAW options available online, it raises the question – which is best? Are open-source DAWs good for beginners, and if so, which ones are the best? In this article, … Read more

The Best Free Delay Plugins Ever (Updated 2022)

best free delay vst plugins

Delay is an essential tool in a music producer’s VST plugin arsenal. Delay is responsible for creating space, and an almost echo like effect when applied to your sounds. It’s a fantastic sound design tool, and especially great to use when creating things like build-ups, or when you just want a bit of ambience in … Read more

6 Best Noise Reduction Plugins & 6 Free Denoiser Plugins

best noise reduction plugins free & paid

Noise reduction plugins are essential if you want clean audio. They should always be a part of a music producer’s toolkit but should be the last resort in the post-production phase. Getting a good recording is the single most important thing to ensure clean audio, but sometimes it’s not always possible – especially if you’re … Read more