Get 50% OFF SubBass Doctor 808 Enhancer/Low End Enhancer

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United Plugins SubBass Doctor 808, is now on a huge promotion over at Plugin Boutique and you can get it for 50% off retail price!

Usually retailing for $59, you can now pick it up for $29.

It’s the perfect plugin for people who don’t have expensive gear, or multiple systems and rooms to check their mixes in. The likelihood is that, if you’re using headphones or monitors, and don’t have an acoustically treated room, you won’t be able to hear the lowest frequencies of your sub.

These low frequencies can cause a lot of issues when they become audible on big PA systems and devices that can accurately replicate them.

What Is SubBass Doctor 808 Enhancer?

Sub Bass Doctor is, well… a doctor for you sub bass and will help to fix this issue. It works by applying clever processing to your sub bass, with just a few knobs.

In the plugin you’ll find a couple knobs, so let’s go over what they do and why it’s useful to have Sub Bass Doctor.

The ‘sub’ knob adds sub-harmonic bass in the 20-40Hz range, which helps to beef up your sub bass.

The ‘sat’ knob allows you to add warmth to your sub bass, giving it a bit of extra bite & edge. This ultimately adds saturation to the lower register frequencies in the spectrum. It seems to compress more than add grit & dirt.

The ‘cure’ knob cleans up the sub 40Hz frequency range in your sub bass. It’s not clear how it does this, but the developers have said it does this through EQ, compression and alters the harmonic structure of your sub bass.

You also have some simple input and output knobs which help you control the gain structure and db level of your audio signal. This is used alongside a nice meter across the bottom of the plugin.

An extremely nice thing about Sub Bass Doctor, is that it compensates for everything it removes. So if it removes some power from the low end, it will add back to that power This allows your sub bass to remain impactful, while cleaning up those low end mud frequencies.

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