Slate Digital Release 16 Free Sample Packs for Black Friday

So the Black Friday music deals are starting to really ramp up, and Slate Digital have decided to join the party, not only with Steven Slate drums, but they're also offering a HUGE freebie of 16, royalty free sample packs for Black Friday.

In total that's 6510, royalty free samples you're getting for FREE?!

You can make use of this deal over on the Slate Digital website, by signing up with your email, name and phone number.

The free Black Friday samples last until the 31st of December 2021.

Once you've signed up, you'll receive your 16 free sample packs as downloads.

slate digital free sample packs Black Friday

All of these samples are 100% royalty free, meaning you can use them for beats and compositions, and you don't have to pay a percentage of your royalties to Slate Digital for using them.

Some sample packs aren't 100% royalty free, so it's always an important factor in deciding whether you download one, because you don't want to be paying royalties on your already low $0.003 payout per stream on Spotify.

100% royalty free means you can use them for profit on music, but you cannot use them in your own sample packs or re-distribute them as your own.

The 16 sample packs, you're going to get are:

  1. Satin R&B Sample Pack – 650+ Royalty Free Samples
  2. Pasenda Pop Sample Pack – 500+ Royalty Free Samples
  3. Vibrations Ambient Sample Pack – 450+ Royalty Free Samples
  4. Axe Guitar Sample Pack – 400+ Royalty Free Samples
  5. Slate Midnight Sample Pack – 500+ Royalty Free Samples
  6. Aurora Lofi Sample Pack – 500+ Royalty Free Samples
  7. Seismic Drum Sample Pack – 800+ Royalty Free Samples
  8. Empress Trapsoul Sample Pack – 500+ Royalty Free Samples
  9. Basshole Sample Pack – 500+ Royalty Free Samples
  10. Omnivox Vocal Sample Pack – 750+ Royalty Free Samples
  11. Hip Hop Sample Pack – 500+ Royalty Free Samples
  12. EDM Sample Pack – 500+ Royalty Free Samples
  13. 808 Collection – 60+ Royalty Free Samples
  14. Vintage Drums Vol.1 – 100+ Royalty Free Samples
  15. Vintage Drums Vol.2 – 100+ Royalty Free Samples
  16. Vintage Drums Vol.3 – 100+ Royalty Free Samples

You'd be pretty mad to pass up this Black Friday deal, it's one of the most incredible freebies we've seen so far this period.

To double up on this deal, check out some of the other freebies we've covered this Black Friday, and be sure to check out our huge deals list!

Stay up to date this Black Friday!

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