Get 50% OFF Session Keys Electric R – E-Piano Sampler Instrument

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Plugin Boutique are offering the incredible Kontakt Instrument, Session Keys Electric R for 50% off right now.

Usually Session Keys retails for $79, but you can now get it for less that $50.

It's a Kontakt Instrument that has been made for use on the free version of Kontakt Player, so you won't need full Kontakt to use this.

This deal is a part of Plugin Boutique's 9th Birthday celebration. For it, of course Plugin Boutique are celebrating with amazing plugin deals.

On a related note, they're also offering AAS Objeq Delay free with any purchase which means you can double up on this offer and get 2 plugins for the price of 1. Other deals include 90% off iZotope, and a few more.

What Is Session Keys R?

session keys r e-piano

Session Keys R is a Kontakt Instrument (can be used with Kontakt Player), that is based off the 1976 vintage, Mark I Stage Piano.

It has been meticulously recorded, and modelled to capture the true characteristic and sound of this original masterpiece. Using 8 individual outputs to capture every single nuance of the sound, this instrument is one of the best value for money, best sounding E-Piano sampler instruments available on the market.

Just take a listen to how it sounds below if you don't believe us, and make that decision for yourself.

The Electric R is also extremely versatile when it comes to designing your perfect E-Piano sound. You can change details like key noise, pedal noise, sustain, resonance and release. You're also able to reverse your samples, which can create some interesting results.

Alongside all that, you can expect to change between studio and live recordings of the Mark I. Studio was recorded through high-end pre amps & A/D converters which reproduce the classic bell sound. Live uses classic outboard gear & vintage equipment to bring that nostalgic, rough sound.

Electric R also comes with an effects unit, which includes:

There's also some really cool workflow features which can help you lay down melodies and finish your tracks faster. These are also really useful for those that lack music theory knowledge.

There's a function called ‘Smart Chord', which basically allows you to play 1 note chords in any scale that you set. It works by using the white notes to play chords, and the black notes to add differences.

Using the black notes you can play 1st inversion, 2nd inversion, sus4, 7th and 9th chords. To do this, you play a white key at the same time as a black key. It works much like Output's Arcade sampler.

With the Animator feature, you have access to over 400 licks & phrases in a multitude of genres. You can use the Animator to detect the chords you've put in your host (DAW). It's essentially a massive library of MIDI files you can use to build more advanced melodies quicker.

You can half time, double time, change the swing, quantize and change the complexity of the melodies.

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