is splice worth it
Cloud Sample Subscriptions

Is Splice Worth it? What We Learned From Using it for Months

Cloud-based sampling software like Splice & Loopcloud are great tools for music producers looking to expand their library of samples. They allow you to pick and choose sounds from professional packs, and use credits to purchase the ones you like. This has revolutionised the way samples are consumed by producers, and it means they can

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loopcloud vs splice
Cloud Sample Subscriptions

Loopcloud vs Splice – Which Is Better? [An Honest Review]

Buying sample packs can get expensive, can clog up your hard drive space, and sometimes you don’t even end up liking the sounds you bought! It’s frustrating! This is why cloud based sample services like Loopcloud & Splice were created. Cloud based sample services are great, and work using a credit-based system. You can use

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splice vs tracklib
Cloud Sample Subscriptions

Splice vs Tracklib – Which is Best? (Answered)

When it comes to cloud-based sample services, there are so many that it can be difficult to decide which is best for your needs as a producer. And, if you’re on a budget, all these monthly subscription payments can begin to add up. Because our last comparison article Loopcloud vs Splice was so popular, we

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is output arcade worth it
Cloud Sample Subscriptions

Is Output Arcade Worth It? (Answered)

So you’re looking for a new instrument, and you’ve been pulled in by the “coulda been a billionaire” marketing video from Output Arcade. You’re wondering whether it’s worth the monthly investment, and if it’s all really that good. At such a low price per month, Arcade is a great pick up for most producers, and

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