caelum audio schlap review
Compression & Expansion

Caelum Audio Schlap Review

Caelum Audio have been a very well known name among producers looking for fantastic free plugins, and are responsible for free VSTs such as Tape Cassette 2 and FLUX Mini. Back in 2021, they released a couple of new plugins in their range, this time for a price, including more features and greater depth. One

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best sidechain compression plugins
Best VST Plugins

5 Best Sidechain Compression Plugins (Updated 2022)

Sidechaining is arguably the most prevalent mixing technique used in modern electronic music. Characterized by it’s signature “pumping” sound, sidechaining is the perfect tool for track separation in your music Most modern compression VST’s come with a sidechain feature built in, and a lot of the time, it’s the only thing you need. But sometimes,

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best noise gate plugins
Best VST Plugins

The 11 Best Noise Gate Plugins Ever – 2021

Noise gates are an essential part of your mixing and mastering toolkit. They are best used when you want to clean up a mix, remove background noise or hum, hiss or other sounds that interfere with the clarity of the signal. It is best to use noise gate plugins before any EQ filters in order

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waves ssl ev2 review
Channel Strip

Waves SSL EV2 Review

Waves just dropped a new plugin (SSL EV2), and you’re wondering whether it’s really worth it or not. Well luckily for you, we got early access and have put it through a rigorous testing process to help you make a decision. So by the end of this review, you can make your decision on whether

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izotope vs tg mastering chain
Dynamic Processors

Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain vs iZotope Ozone (Which Is Best)

Abbey Road TG Mastering chain is great for Rock & more Acoustic, instrument based genres. Ozone can do it all. You get clean, digital masters, and warm analog masters. You can do way more with Ozone, and it sounds more hi-fi, than the Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain. Mastering can feel like a dark art

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gullfloss vs soothe
AI Tools

Is Gullfloss The Same As Soothe? (Detailed Explanation Included)

Gullfoss and Soothe 2 are quite different effects. Gullfoss tames, brightens, or restores frequencies across your spectrum. While, Soothe 2 is designed specifically for resonance suppression, and removing unwanted, nasty-sounding frequencies from your audio. In a time, where “betterizer” plugins are becoming more and more popular, it can start to be increasingly difficult, to tell

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izotope vs fabfilter
Dynamic Processors

iZotope vs FabFilter (Which Is Best)?

Both iZotope and FabFilter are extremely well known names in the music production world. While at first glance they might look similar, their offerings are quite different. So not to mince any more words, let’s look into which of these two is best for you! iZotope Music Production Suite Pros ✅ Intelligent Mixing and Processing

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fabfilter pro c2 vs smart comp
AI Tools

Sonible smart:comp vs Fab Filter Pro C2 (Which Is Better?)

Sonible smart:comp FabFilter Pro-C2 AI Compression ✅ ❌ Trial FREE 30-Day Trial ❌ Auto-Gain ✅ ✅ Sidechain ❌ ✅ Compression Styles ❌ 8 Compresion styles Price $179 $155 (40% Student discount available) Sonible smart:comp Review While “smart” plugins used to be just a trend, plugins like Gulfoss and Soothe 2 have proven that the idea

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