lalal ai review vocal extraction
Audio Restoration Review – Creating Studio Acapellas Just Got Easier & Cheaper is a stem separation tool that you can use in your browser to separate vocals, drums, instrumentation, bass and more from tracks you’ve lost the stems to, or your favourite songs you want to remix/bootleg for Soundcloud or YouTube (not for profit of course) release. The obvious place to look for free studio acapellas

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jbridge alternatives
Music Software & Services

4 Free & Paid J-Bridge Alternatives For Windows & Mac

While most plugin developers and modern computers use 64-bit systems, there are still tons of great plugins that never got updated from a 32-bit architecture (these are mostly free plugins). JBridge is a great tool when you want to bridge your 32-bit VST plugins into a 64-bit DAW. At $10, JBridge isn’t expensive at all,

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garageband alternatives
DAW - Digital Audio Workstations

6 Garageband Alternatives for Windows & Mac (That Don’t Suck)

Garageband is an incredible DAW but it’s only available for Mac users. You may have seen sites claiming to have Garageband for Windows working, but this is false. These could be buggy emulations or malware, so steer clear and beware. It’s better to install a DAW that runs natively on Windows. You could get Garageband

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best open source daws
DAW - Digital Audio Workstations

The 4 Best Open Source DAWs To Record & Create Music With

Open source DAWs can be a great option for people who love to get “under the hood” of their software. But with so many free open-source DAW options available online, it raises the question – which is best? Are open-source DAWs good for beginners, and if so, which ones are the best? In this article,

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best music production forums

The 9 Best Music Production Forums & Communities

Music Production forums are a great place to learn and network with other like-minded people. Being a part of these communities can help you grow and learn as an artist, and propel your career forward. Luckily for you, there are loads of music production forums for different genres, topics like marketing, music business and even

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best mixing and mastering services 2020
Mixing & Mastering Services

12 Best Mixing and Mastering Services [Best Value For Money]

Finding the best mixing and mastering services for your music in 2022 is an essential part in the process of releasing music. Without a mix or master, your tracks will sound lifeless, dull, & all the horrible words you can think of. To get the most out of your music it’s essential that it sounds

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Logic Pro x vs cubase
DAW - Digital Audio Workstations

Logic Pro X vs Cubase (Which Is Best?)

Logic Pro X and Cubase 11 are industry-standard production suites for recording and manipulating audio, that include instruments, effects + arranging, and mixing. In this article, we’ll be comparing 2 of the industry’s best DAWs: Logic Pro X vs Cubase. Logic Pro X Cubase Compatibility Mac OS Exclusive Windows + Mac Os Amount of tracks

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ai mastering shootout Landr vs cloud bounce vs emastered vs bandlab
AI Mastering

AI Mastering Shootout – Landr vs Cloudbounce vs Emastered vs BandLab

You’ve been looking into AI mastering, and you’re wondering whether it’s worth the money, or if it can hold up against a real mastering engineer. In this AI mastering shootout we’re going to compare: Landr vs Emastered vs Cloudbounce vs Bandlab. We’ll put them to the test with different audio examples for you to listen

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