is routenote legit
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Is RouteNote Legit? We Tested it Thoroughly To Find Out!

RouteNote is a music distribution company that offers a range of free and paid services. There have been mixed reviews from customers regarding their experiences with the company, which might leave you wondering whether RouteNote is legit. In this article, based on our own experience using RouteNote and other distribution services, alongside the opinions of

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ditto vs distrokid
Music Distribution

Ditto vs Distrokid (Which Is Better?) – What We Learned From Using Both

Both, Ditto and Distrokid are music distribution platforms that have advantages and drawbacks. Understanding which is best for your music can be difficult. So, in this article, we’ve taken a deep dive into Ditto and Distrokid, so you can find out which service is best for you. Let’s start with a quick table comparison overview

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best music distribution
Music Distribution

12 of The Best Music Distribution Services in 2022

An essential part of releasing music in today’s industry, is finding a great distribution service, so how do you know how to pick the best for your music in 2022? Largely, digital distribution services all achieve similar results… They get your music on streaming services like Spotify. But, pricing, & features can differ vastly. In

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landr vs distrokid
Music Distribution

Landr vs Distrokid | An Honest Review from Someone Who’s Used Both

Landr vs Distrokid quick verdict: Which is better for you entirely depends on what you need, but we’ve personally used both, and Distrokid is cheaper, faster & one of Spotify’s listed preferred distributors. On the other hand Landr’s dashboard is a lot prettier than Distrokid’s vastly outdated look, and also comes with a free mastering

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