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jamahook review

Jamahook Review – AI Sample Selection Done Right

Music producers have access to millions of samples, but finding the right one can be more like looking for a needle in a haystack. Long have we wished for a sound matching vst that, would listen to your track and just give you a sample to use in your music. Lo and behold, Jamahook is

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arturia analog lab 5 review

Arturia Analog Lab 5 Review – Analog Emulations That Sound Awesome

Pros ✅ 13000 presets ✅ Diverse instrument selection ✅ Super easy to use ✅ Perfect for getting a great sound, quickly. Cons ❌ Some instruments sound better than others ❌ Some parameters can’t be edited The legendary analog synths, responsible for a lot of our favourite music, are not financially viable for most people. For

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polyverse comet review

Polyverse Comet Review – The Most Intriguing Reverb We’ve Used

A lot of producers tend to undermine the importance of reverb. While everybody uses some kind of reverb, people tend to forget that a reverb can be very musical, and not just something to fill your stereo space. Of all the reverb plugins we’ve ever used, The Polyverse music Comet reverb is the most unique.

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acon digital multiply review

Acon Digital Multiply Review – The Best Free Chorus Available

Many producers tend to discount the need for a good Chorus effect. When most DAW’s come with a chorus effect pre-installed, why would you need anything else? The Acon Digital Multiply Chorus is one of the more powerful chorus effects we’ve tried, and it’s free, so picking it up is a no-brainer. What Is Multiply?

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tal u no lx review

TAL-U-NO-LX Review – A Wickedly Brilliant Juno 60 Emulation

TAL bring the heat. No ifs, no buts – they just do. But is their emulation of the Juno 60 up to scratch with all their other incredible products? In this article we’re going to dive deep to answer that question, and explain why it’s one of our best synth VST plugins in 2021. How

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fabfilter pro q3 review

Fabfilter pro Q3 Review – The Only EQ You’ll Ever Need

FabFilter are known for their beloved high quality range of mixing plugins. From Compressors, to Saturation and De-Essing, FabFilter have a solution for it all Pro-Q3, their flagship equalizer plugin in our opinion is the best EQ plugin on the market. (There’s a reason it’s in our top 50 VST list) What Makes Fabfilter Pro

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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